Sunday Morning Men

I went on a drive-by shooting today, click ahead to see the devastating results. Above, one of my targets: the Sombrero and Cap Gang out on an early mission! (BTW, all the following pics can be clicked to be seen in a larger size. Oh yeah, and the photos are kinda big, so the page may load slowly.)

Auto Glass man, staring into the future. If you click on the pic you’ll notice a sign-o.

Sergio, that tall guy with the pituitary gland problem.

Bringing home the lawful versions of ice and coke.

El Muertito Sonador. This is one of my favorite murals/painted signs. Exemplary quality!

Man at the park, reading La Opinion under a shady tree.

Cap-wearing Manly Shrimp signaling to a sign that promotes the eating of his family. Why that’s no man, it’s a traitor!

Smiling Auto Glass man taking a break from the flag waving.

Crossing-the-street-man, just after he was finished being a sidewalk-sale-shopping-man.

Take my picture man. Peace out!

6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Men

  1. I love the first building. Too bad that it will be tagged up sooner or later.The mural is awesome too!

  2. there’s 10 cities worth of good commercial art in boyle heights, east la, and downtown. (and 10 cities worth of bad stuff too… but ignore that) everywhere else, it seems like the old paintings get covered over, and the new signs are just printed out computer graphics.

    in most other parts of l.a. or pretty much anywhere else, you see art on boxes, in magazines, on book covers. yet, in our public and commercial places, the walls are barren, or maybe have a little graffiti on them. millions of people draw in sketchbooks, take art classes at the community college, and want to be artists… but there are so many plain walls.

    go figure.

    (OH I spoke too soon. – california has a bunch of muralists for hire… but it’s interesting that the eastside is not really represented here yet, except for vyal one. they also seem to do a different kind of mural.)

  3. I really like the “El Muertito Sonador” great job.
    We don’t get much good stuff like that here in North Dakota.
    You should make t-shirts like that.

  4. I’ve pass through Lupitas before, i wounder what kind or brave people eat there, probably the sombrero and cap gang.

  5. Never been there. I have been to Irvine and San Diego, drove the PCH between Irvine and San Diego, but that is about it.

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