Botanitas: September 11, 2008

Cemitas y Tacos, Cinco Puntos-East Los Angeles

Botanitas is an ongoing feature bringing you stories and news from various sources, upcoming events and other bits of ephemera that might be of interest to LA Eastside readers. Suggestions welcome!

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Kitchen Scrap Pail Program

The new kitchen scrap pails are here! At this past weekend’s Drinkin Heights Night, a few of my LH neighbors mentioned they’d already received their pail the previous week. I admit, I was a little green with envy (har, har) as I had not yet received mine. And then on Monday, I found a little pail on my porch complete with instructions. It’s kinda cute, like a dwarf version of the green bins. Although it has a tight fitting lid to deter critters, the one I got was a little wonky and I can totally see ants making their way in.

Eastside Documentary

Filmmakers beware. If this is about that other place mistakenly referred to as the Eastside…well, let’s just say you don’t want to mess with us.

The Eastsiders – A Documentary of the Eastside of Los Angeles 1920 to 1965
Free Admission
Saturday, Sept 13, 2008 1:00 PM (light snacks)
Auditorium of L.A. Trade Tech College
400 W, Washington Blvd. (Administrative Bldg)
facing Washington Blvd at Grand Ave
Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90015

The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival

The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival runs from September 12-19 at a few venues in Hollywood. Check their website for exact details. Our own Al Desmadre has a few recommended picks: Chicano Rock! The Sounds of East Los Angeles and Rock & Roll Made in Mexico: From Evolution to Revolution. I couldn’t figure out where or when these documentaries are playing and I even have the official guide. Hmmm, maybe this is why I never attend.

Xavier Quija Yxayotl

News from the Audubon Center at Debs Park

Clasica-The Roots of Music is an exciting new concert series that explores the roots of Latin American music from Indigenous to contemporary times.
Come join us for a free concert featuring Xavier Quija Yxayotl who will bring to life the ancient sound of Mexico.
Saturday, September 20, 2008
4:30 PM- Reception (refreshments will be served)
5:00 PM-Performance by Xavier Quijas Yxatotl
Audubon Center
4700 N Griffin Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90031
For directions and maps:
Event is free

Scummy People Scams

Folks in Lincoln Heights beware! Erika from Lincoln Heights writes:

We so far know four different people affected by this scam.

There is a man going around our neighborhood offering to help out homeowners
with mortgage payments far out of their reach. I don’t know all the details but
he gets the home owners to pay him anywhere from $800-$2500 for his work – cash
(maybe more but these are the amounts of the four people we know). In return he
gives them tips on what to do to decrease their mortgage payment. Among the
tips, don’t pay your mortgage for 4 months. At that point he tells them they
will then qualify for government assistance which will lower their mortgage

Yesterday, one of our friends/neighbors called us in tears, her home is being
put up for sale today because she failed to make her mortgage payments for a
number of months, based on his advice.

Please beware and share with your friends and neighbors. These are tough times
for so many and obviously there are those who are heartless and willing to
profit off another’s vulnerability and desperation.

First Friedens, now Norms

Tonight is the last night for Norms in San Gabriel! I wouldn’t have known, except I just saw it on the news. I’m really having a WTF? moment. It’s one of the only places in San Gabriel that’s open 24 hours and always packed, day and night. It’s also one of the last remaining mid-century buildings on that stretch of Valley Blvd. But here’s the worse part, it’s being replaced by condos! Ugh…

10 thoughts on “Botanitas: September 11, 2008

  1. We got a second one delivered on Monday. Way to go City of LA, no wonder they have a budget crisis. But with all the talk of how good the goats are doing in downtown, I figured we would get one of those delivered next.

  2. The San Gabriel Norms was on my banned list, owing to some toast I ordered there one day and the sickness that followed hours later.

    A long, long, long time ago in the 90s if I needed to eat late I would just go to St Honore’s which isn’t in the city of San Gabriel (Monterey Park), but close enough.

    My favorite thing about the San Gabriel Valley are the Chinese bakeries and the full service restaurants open in the middle of the night.

    But it’s still a little sad, like when House of Pies goes away. It’s completely disgusting, but it’s historic.

    Maybe the food is disgusting, it could just be I don’t like that middle American food.

  3. Some interesting films @ LIFI. Defintely gonna check some out.

    Anyone have more info on this film?
    The Eastsiders – A Documentary of the Eastside of Los Angeles 1920 to 1965

  4. If it is too good to be true… why would someone not make the payments on their house and then be surprised when they get foreclosed? I remember in the 90’s when people were sold property in the Antelope Valley with no infrastructure in place or zoning that would allow dwellings on the property. IIRC, here in East LA it was Galindo Realty who was scamming people. It is always Latinos taking advantage of Latinos. Maybe us Latinos are more gullible.

    This is the schedule to LALIFF


    I thought that picture of the taco/cemita truck was from Tepito, but I guess East LA does look like Tepito.


  5. Browne, you’re right the food at Norm’s isn’t great and there isn’t even that much for me to choose from. The quality was a lot better when I was growing up. Now, I would much rather eat at the vegetarian Chinese restaurants down the street. I know though for people like my mom, it’s her kinda place to spend a Sunday morning. I’ve also taken European visitors there cause they seem to have this thing for diners. I used to eat there at 4 in the morning after nights of teenage parties, so I’m sure my attachment has a lot to do with nostalgia.
    I hope someone saves the funky light poles in the parking lot.

    Thanks for the link! 🙂 I can’t seem to find the info for the documentaries though.

  6. -calavera:
    (…Anyone have more info on this film?
    The Eastsiders – A Documentary of the Eastside of Los Angeles 1920 to 1965)

    This film is screening tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 13 at 1pm in the auditorium at
    L.A. Trade Tech, Washington & Fig.

  7. Hey there

    my Name is Lance Miccio director of ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Made in Mexico From Evolution to Revolution ‘

    I saw your post about my and Fito de la Parra film
    It plays on Tuesdat at 930 pm at the Chinese Mann Theatre in Hollywood followed by a Jam with Javier Batiz and other Musicans from the film


  8. 🙁 RIP Norms. I actually like the place, even though I have to de-meat things and sometimes get sick.

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