On Not Giving A F**K

I have to hand it to those crazy fools that can ignore all common sense and have no problem saying me vale madre to any troublesome situation or issue that might arise. It must be kinda liberating to be able to ignore the concept of responsibility and consequences, and it either requires some hardcore guts or just a total lack of reason. Whatever it is, sometimes I wish I could be that carefree, at least in a small dose. Ignoring the flashing lights from the cops behind me. Tossing aside the 3 day “pay or quit” notice from the landlord. Cooking up those week-old beans even though my nose sez no. Saying “fuck this, I Quit!” after yet another ridiculous request from that overbearing boss with a little man complex. I guess I am a bit familiar with that last one, but still, I wish I could add a few more “a la brava” tricks to my repertoire. Like for instance, this superb example above of some young ladies saying mind-yer-own-business on the Hollywood freeway.

Looky here, a Mercedes with a bumper dragging all over the freeway asphalt. Surely the driver must not be aware? I saw two cars approach the benz to let the driver know about the situation. Result? She didn’t care. You can’t tell from this pic but she did have her hazard lights on so I guess that’s good enough. Notice in the first pic the bumper is still attached to the right side,but by the time I got near it was only attached to the left side, and was starting to swing around.

Oh, oh, here it comes! Needless to say, I didn’t want to see the results of that last bolt snapping. As we passed the car, I could hear some loud music playing, the young ladies talking it up amongst themselves, seemingly unconcerned about the situation behind them. Either they don’t have the money to maintain this expensive car, they’re out on a joy ride, or they’re just in a hurry to get somewhere. Whatever the case, I didn’t take pics of the occupants, they’ve got enough to worry about. It’s easy to see all the wrong in this situation, but I can’t help but be inspired by their sense of bravado. I hope it all turned out good for these locas.

5 thoughts on “On Not Giving A F**K

  1. I’ve seen this before, and it has no explanation. I think some people just take their “fuck it” mentality more outdoors than the rest of us.

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