Lay Away Jewelry

I haven’t put anything on layaway in awhile, I think the last time was at the Kmart in Commerce back when they offered that program. (Maybe they still do?) But that was in the past when I just needed clean socks and maybe some school supplies. My needs are different now that I’m moving up in the world with my successful business of adding rocks to my recyclable cans and bottles: my profit margin is thru the roof! I haven’t decided on what kinda piece I’ll choose but at least I know this Highland Park shop has me covered!

Click ahead to see where I’ll go should I hit on hard times!

You gotta love the Spanglish. Buy high, sell low, that’s my investment plan. At least it’s more interesting than your boring IRA.

One thought on “Lay Away Jewelry

  1. Ha ha when I think of lay away I think of like late 80’s or early 90’s for some reason and of course I think of Kmart!
    Rocks in aluminum cans are classic I used to see my neighbor do that all that time! Don Tiodoro! lol

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