Ice cream truck

There’s nothing like relaxing on a hot summer day and enjoying an ice cream cone. The only thing that makes it better is that it’s being sold by two of my favorite characters, Esponga Bob y EL CHAVO!. Good times.

8 thoughts on “Ice cream truck

  1. Ok, but if I saw El Chavo rolling down the street in an ice cream truck like some demonic jester …. I’d friggin run!!!! That’s guy SCARY!!!

  2. El Chavo in the truck:
    “Boy what you want”
    “What you got?”
    “Boy what the fuck you want?!”

  3. El Chavo, that’s not friggin funny. For the kind hearted souls out there, look what happened the last time El Chavo–
    the crazy cone man
    –came by my house! The dude is like a mix between Red Fox, Freddy Kruger, and Martha Stewart!

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