getting kicked in the dark….

Went to the movies, doesn’t matter where or what I saw. Paid our $16.50, child and I.

Sat down in the dark, didn’t notice who was behind us. Soon we would know. The little voices, chatting. Reading out loud the words of the signs flashing on the screen, maybe to show off that they could read. Got kicked.

My seat was pulled back, kick. I turned to see and there are two in one seat in two different seats, squirming for comfort. 4 kids in two seats. My daughter’s seat was kicked.

I turned backed to see the film. Giggles, little hand brushed my hair, kid walking behind me.

I hear “Tienes que ir al ba~o”? Soon a bunch of little feet, and legs bumping my seat march out the row 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and others were still sitting.

When they came back I looked to see how many all together, 10 kids and one tired looking mother. Aunt? Naw. They were too well behaved, relatively speaking, for her to have been anyone other than mom.

How much did it cost for her to bring all her kids or kids and cousins to the movie this day, any day?

I’ll take the kicks. I hope they remember these days full of familia fun, when they would all go to the movies together and have a good time. No need to remember a grumpy man telling them not to kick to the seat. Well at least not me.

7 thoughts on “getting kicked in the dark….

  1. What a great post, especially with the human ending! Normally this type of post would have taken the usual trajectory of “why can’t others stop annoying me?” but instead we get a sense of understanding for the circumstances of others, a rare example of caring for our fellow humans. Hats off to you!

  2. Sounds like the same family that sat behind me last weekend during Wanted. After 5 minutes though i moved a few rows up without saying a word or giving them any mean looks.

  3. I like the Magic Johnson Theatres, where talking through the movie is not only permitted, but a treat. Most times the comments are better than the movie. I LOVE it—and they have fruit punch to go with the popcorn—yum!

  4. I once went to the Magic Johnson theater and some ladies were actually celebrating
    a Birthday in the auditorium while the movie was going. They were passing around cake, opening the presents, everything but the Pinata. That’s what I call a good time at the movies!

  5. Awesome post! I like that you didn’t go crazy on them like some inhumane folks trying to act like they OWN the movies. Nice one, Pachuco.

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