Attack on Salsas!

First they came for our raw tomatoes. Then they came for our chiles, lumping jalapenos in with serranos, just cuz some fools can’t tell the difference. And now, in a total assault against Mexicans and their salsas, they’re setting their targets on molcajetes, that ancient and simple kitchen tool used to grind down ingredients by hand.

When will the insanity end? At what point do we take up arms to defend our simple condiments? I wonder if right after they ordered the planes into the towers, the Ketchup Lobby planned this war against salsas? I better tune into KPFK to find out.

(Thanks to Burro Hall for that hilarious link to the terrorist lava rock bowls!)

15 thoughts on “Attack on Salsas!

  1. See how smart the colonizers are? First they beckon us to work here for minimum wages, then when we make a go of it with our foods and art—they use all their powers to shut us down, keep us humble. Wow—that is some very brilliant planning–those Madison Avenue tipos never cease to amaze.

  2. all i want are my jalapenos clean and free of E-coli, bubonic plague, dysentery, malaria, and other enemies of my delicate immune system. not much to ask for, is it?

  3. It’s funny, because as soon as I heard the scare was switched from tomatoes to jalapeños, I knew someone here would write about it…. Yes, it does seem like they are coming after our year long traditions, but is this surprising?

    Now the molcajete scare is ridiculous. First of all, we all know that our families have been using them for almost forever! Our people are smart enough to recognize when something is not good for us, its called trail and error. I don’t think molcajetes should make us scared.

    Also, it is known that our bodies build up our own immune system by being exposed to several things, including bacteria. Yes, if you are over-exposed or exposed to the deadly bacteria (i.e. e-coli), then you may get sick. Although a molcajete may be hard to clean, and it may not be fully clean when you use it next… those little critters that are still in there will only help build your immune system.

    So use your molcajetes freely… thats what I say.

    Just think about it… (if you are a regular molcajete user) how many times have you used it and not gotten sick? Probably all the time…

    sheesh… its true, it seems as though they never stop targeting our raza…

    The best solution to this is buying locally. Usually when you buy local (for example from Farmers Markets) they are most often grown organically. Also, because they are smaller farms, they pay more attention to having clean and sanitary veggies.

    Just know the source of where you are buying your veggies and you wash them thoroughly, you should be okay…


  4. I, for one, will continue to use my molcajete. This ancient tool has been used for probably thousands of years, and so far there has not been mass food poisonings because of it the last time I checked. Oh by the way, if you want to view my little pig-head molcajete, just click on my name. The molcajete salsa is fabuloso.

  5. What? You guys didn’t know??? Dirty molcajetes are what brought down the ancient Mayan civilization! It will forever be known as The Great Molcajete Massacre.

  6. I remember cuando mi mama would make some bad ass salsas when ever we had company over. There’s nothing like carne asada and godornices on the grill with una ensalda de nopales, guacamole with huge chunks in it and those delicious salsas. Plus “y’ and “La Traductora” are right. Using molcajetes only make us stronger and better equipped with dealing with diseases. I can attest to this because I have a great immune system. I only get sick once a year, if at that. The only times I do get sick is when someone sneezes next to me with out covering themselves. Cochinos don’t have manners.

    Excuse my ignorance but can you explain more info about the The Great Molcajete Massacre ? I don’t think they covered that in school.

  7. Some report suggested that the rise in allergies is related to our lack of germs in our environment. We’re underexposed. Well, some people are. I’m overexposed, and don’t have immune reactions to diseases, even when I have them. That’s not a good thing either.

  8. Holy shit. I laughed out loud on the “I better tune into KPFK to find out.”

    Pure gold.

  9. I don’t get the scare about mocajetes (or about salsa in general) right now. E. Coli testing is being done or something?

    When you use enough chiles and or citrus it annihilates a lot of bad stuff (ceviche, anyone?). So douse your salsas with limon if you’re a scardie cat. If you’re really worried, use vinegar too.

    I think this comes from the misconception that “salsa” is the same as chopped up tomatoes and onions in a bowl. Salsas are a diverse bunch of condiments based on chiles, and if you’re boiling tomatoes and chiles, then pounding the crap out of them, and mixing them with salt and citrus – what the hell is going to live through that?

    ‘Til I see some real science on this one, I’m going to keep eating salsas up and down the block (from illegal taco vendor to illegal taco vendor).

  10. I think its all bull…its one thing to cause a big ole chaos and to be safe but come on. Us is just racist ..sadly…again…It is just a way to not let Mexican produce transports into the US. I make a lot of salsas at leat 2-4 times a week. I wash my veggies every time before I cook and my mom grows many of her own veggies. Got to have la salsita con todo! My immune system is weak due to health conditions but its all about how you prepare food and how clean you are. Its one thing to announce and inform people in a safe and educated manner and another thing to point the finger at one culture. Another way to avoid contamination is to wash your hands every time especially when handling food!!! Lets not be dirty people….!!

  11. Man, that headline is crazy!
    Anyways, time to grow your own chiles. They are fairly easy to grow.
    Also, a good way to wash your store bought veggies is to soak and swish them in a bowl of water and a cap full of plain vinegar for a minute or so. I usually do this with lettuce that is a little harder to clean than other fruits and vegetables.

  12. Chimatli

    You hit the nail on the head about the great molcajete massacre, but you failed to leave out the olmecs, toltecs, aztecs and todays chuntaros. I’m seasoning my molcajete and eating straight out of it! I hope that my molcajete is genuine basalt….looks like it but you never know nowadays…

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