The Codeword is Half Full.

I thought that I was going crazy a couple of weeks or so ago, I was reading the Economist and the Financial Times and according to them this country is in a recession. And I thought that was crazy, because you would think that the press in this country would be talking about that before the people in other countries, but then I realized that the codewords have changed.

While the papers all of the world have stated that the United States is in a recession and the facts state that housing prices have dropped 15% and gas prices are like million dollars a gallon. In the US this isn’t a recession. This is simply a reevaluation of opportunities. I know that sounds like a slowdown, but it’s not exactly, because it’s better. It’s more like a “look around” for the best deal possible.

And that seven percent unemployment that everyone has plastered across their papers, those people aren’t jobless they are on “staycations”. Isn’t that fabulous? Staying home and enjoying the company of your family pets, your micro dog, which some negative people would call a roach is not only relaxing it’s eco.

Remember owning a car is bad. Eating lots of food makes your kids fat. You don’t want your kid to be fat do you? If your kids go to bed hungry sometimes, it’s more healthful, that’s what the advertisements around the public transportations state.

(I’ve noticed around the MTA a campaign against obesity in little bus riding children.)

You’re helping the country by not spending money, staying at home and being happy about it. Don’t complain, no one likes a negative nelly you don’t want to be “those people”. Just thank god every day that you have the privilege to be economically anorexic in this country instead of some place else, a place that has socialized medicine.

Thank god for capitalism and pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.

Here are some new terms in regards to the housing market.

SRO=micro lofts



It’s not just the economy, employment and housing market that has new and improved codewords, but even the world of sociology has them.

Currently in the works there are new socio-cultural codewords that are more flexible and more inclusive for use. You can even use your credit card on the beta versions.

For instance I noticed while reading the Downtown News that urban now means yuppie person instead of poor black person that will shoot you.

Remember the vintage codewords of the 90s:

Loft=big gigantic warehouse where artists changed their clothes and shot up heroin.

The 90s codewords were so very uncreative. Racial slurs were out of date owing to political correctness, so we had to come up with them quickly. I have to admit they were pretty half ass, but having a proper term to denigrate a person different from you is a pretty important thing, so you do what you can. Could you imagine how boring parties would be if there wasn’t one group that everyone agreed they hated?

Here are some of the beta terms with their socio-cultural explanation:

Urban: yuppie who overpaid for a downtown condo—now keep in mind a yuppie can be of any ethnic group it’s the mind set that matters. I’ve been meeting quite a few black and Latino yuppies in downtown LA, it’s pretty fuckin scary, though I think I scare them too.
SRO: still SRO unless the building is actively recruiting white people.
Microloft: SRO that is actively recruiting white people.
Those people: Chicanos
Homeless: black people

Remember the codeword is half full, just don’t tell them it’s half full of piss.


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8 thoughts on “The Codeword is Half Full.

  1. I love this post, it’s spot on! Sorry, wish I could say something more profound but I have little time to articulate thoughts.

  2. I love how the media usually refers to the recession by stating “John Doe, economist for Blowhard magazine, thinks we might be in a recession” never having to actually state the obvious. This was the same for the “housing bubble” that nobody wanted to name, cuz that’s just so depressing.

    I agree with the above, this is a great post.

  3. “I wish the writers in leftist magazines wrote like you.”Alienation.

    They can’t because while most of the spout out all of this psuedo progressive dribble, most of them are married to rich people. Most of them are the kids of rich people, so they are never going to say anything too aggressive, that may hurt someone’s feelings.

    Also there is a rule, if you are a person of color with a vagina and work for a progressive magazine you can talk about three issues.

    1. Music
    2. How evil and oppressive the men of the color that you share happen to be.
    3. And how evil the politicians that look like you are.

    You are not allowed to talk about the wider world around you unless you have a penis and preferably British.


  4. Artists associated with lofts – think 60’s – mid 80’s. In the 90’s Loft=gentrification powered lawyer fortress.

    I’ve been obsessed with the term “staycation” since I first heard it. I have a feeling it’s going to work its way into the OED this year. It’s so 1984 – like an announcement for a cut in chocolate rations, we’re supposed to hear it and find some sunshine as the economic ship sinks. Whistle a happy tune…

  5. As I said these are beta terms. We in the marketing of be a “good community member” dept are still sorting out the details.


  6. Leftist magazines?!?!?!? Whadareya reading dem for, Alienation? Fer chrissakes!

    Me, I’m glad Browne isn’t writing for any leftist magazines.

  7. Oddly I don’t get along with the editors of leftist magazines. I even had a nasty run in with certain people at KPFK. I’m just not a team player. So no worries of me finding fame and poverty in alterenative media they think I have a bad attutude.

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