Taco truck podcast

A couple of weeks ago I had a hand in putting together a pod cast with my friend Luis and Radio Juventud. This was when the new law prohibiting taco trucks from parking in the same spot went in to affect or they got slapped with a $1,000 fine and possible jail time. I had a great time doing it and it was definitely a great learning experience working with Luis. It’s in spanish, which shouldn’t be any problem I hope.        

alt npr radio-juventud-episode_19_-taco-trucks

4 thoughts on “Taco truck podcast

  1. “Pedi cinco pero haber cuantos me como.” Ay guey! Nice radio piece, you all did a great job in capturing the atmosphere of a lonchera.

  2. Well I checked it out on Saturday Night, I loved the fast service, I did wish the taco were a bit bigger, but now I know, I need to order more the next time I go.

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