Study says: Hispanic teens PARTY way too much…

Seems we can’t get a break. We are looked at or portrayed as if we are undocumented, meek, sellouts, uneducated, gangsters, and now a study says our teens are doing more drugs, having more sex and most likely to commit suicide than other groups.

Hispanic teens try drugs, suicide at higher rates

ATLANTA (AP) — Hispanic high school students use drugs and attempt suicide at higher rates than their black and white classmates, according to a new federal survey that shows a continuation of a disturbing trend.

(and then)

“In addition, Hispanic students were more likely than either blacks or whites to attempt suicide, ride with a driver who had been drinking alcohol, or use cocaine, heroin or ecstasy.”

(and then)

“Experts were unable to come up with an explanation for why Hispanic behavior trends differed. However, they speculated that school environments many Hispanics face may differ considerably from what adolescents of other races encounter. Earlier research found that Hispanics and blacks more commonly attend highly segregated schools than whites or Asians.”

So are they saying that if we hung out in multiculti settings we would not do as much drugs, have sex and attempt suicide less? Maybe we would be too busy fighting each other then? Growing up, I heard the white kids had access to better drugs, like the kind doctors prescribe. Maybe its because of historical trauma? Maybe because the Chuppie dream for teens seems further and further away? Either way its muy sad : (

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  1. Here are a couple of interesting articles discussing the high rate of attempted suicide among Latina teens:

    “Zayas and other experts suggest that suicide attempts like these are more a cry for help than evidence of a will to die. Were these girls living in the countries they or their parents were born in — where they might enjoy strong ties to relatives, communities and familiar customs — there’s a good chance they wouldn’t feel a need to act out, Zayas says. But here they struggle with feelings of powerlessness and frustration, torn between an American popular culture that encourages them to be sexy and assertive, and family expectations that they be modest and submissive.

    Add to that the isolation they may feel in school and you get some pretty depressed teenagers, Zayas says. They rarely seek help partly because they and their parents are suspicious of mental health services and believe in keeping family troubles in the family.”

  2. What’s with Mike Stobbe of Atlanta bringing all the buzzkill all of a sudden. First we can’t work on ladders then we party too much! Someone launch an internet search on this Mike Stobbe character, I’m busy right now; I have to heat up this kiddie pool with my hand held hair dryer. Stay away from me Mike!

  3. Man these hispanics are out of control.
    Its a good thing I’m MEXCIAN. lol

    I’ve been meaning to plan a trip to hispania & finally meet a hispanic for once.

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