Freeway Colchones

It’s always kinda fun and just a bit scary to drive by one of those overloaded trucks you are bound to eventually see on the freeways, but this awesome sighting of bouncing and swaying colchones on the 10 is dedicated to Doña Junta, who happens to think the word itself is funny enough just to say. Colchones, colchones, colchones! One more pic after the jump.

Though I looked, I didn’t spot the princess on top shifting around cuz of the obtrusive pea underneath. Maybe she realized that whining about such insignificant details wasn’t going to make her many friends, especially now that she was headed to the Eastside. Thank You Lil’ Princess, for keeping the non-stop BS complaints about your sheltered life over to that other side of the river.

2 thoughts on “Freeway Colchones

  1. LMFAO!! omg you have me falling out of my chair!! ahahahhahahahahahhahahahahaha …wtf where those Colchones going to the eastside serio? where they gonna be refurbished? we need to follow the trocka next time and see where it goes! ahahhahahaha dam that made my morning!!
    Thanks Chavo!

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