What is this?

a.) A broken cross walk button, yet another example of the lousy services certain parts of the city receive?

b.) The creativity of people that learn to make do, shown here by making the wires available to the approaching pedestrian?

c.) Dude, that’s just some broken stuff, wtf?

d.) All of the above.

Just as there is multiple ways this picture can be described, our understanding of Los Angeles is also shaped by the subjectivity of the person doing the interpreting. But you all know that. (For the record, this improvised ‘button’ does work.)

7 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. It’s not just broken..someone vandalized it ..Sad when people actively destroy their own neighborhoods..

  2. I would say b, since El Chavo said it works, but that’s only if I were a glass is half full kind of gal and since I’m not I say a. It’s hard for me to write if I’m not being critical of a huge agency or corporation.

    The DOT is in charge of this. To get things like this fixed here is the info:

    To report malfunctioning, flashing, damaged, dark or knocked down signals, call (213) 485-4184 or (818) 752-5100. For damaged Stop signs and knocked down sign posts, call (213) 485-4184 or (818) 752-5100. For repair or replacement of other traffic control devices, including damaged, missing or worn traffic control signs, faded or missing pavement markings, and faded curb zones, contact the Transportation District Office serving the geographical area where the service is desired. Use the “My Neighborhood” feature on the City’s website to identify the appropriate Transportation District Office.

  3. I know that exact button, this is the second time it’s been pulled off in as many months. To get it to activate the walk signal, touch the wires together a couple times, might work.

    Seriously, why is this 5 Points intersection so attractive to vandals on just this crosswalk button?

    BTW, Matt, they really do work, they usually just don’t speed up the activation of the walk signal, they just activate it at the normal time. If you don’t hit it, no walk signal. What gets me are the people that sit there and hit it over and over powerlessly thinking that by hitting it more than once it speeds up the activation. It doesn’t.

  4. I always hit it 9 times… because I’m superstitious. …and if it changes when I’ve only hit it 6 times, I hit it 3 more times before I run into the street.

    Looks like someone crossed Flaca.

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