Cutting Across The Eastside

A few evenings a week, I struggle with how to criss cross the Eastside without getting caught in a ton of traffic.  I’m generally talking about the north-south part of any trip that requires me to get from Rosemead to Bell or Highland Park to Bell.  If it’s around 5 p.m., there’s a 100% chance I’m going to be stuck on roads sometimes less taken (yes, I’m talking to you Soto St. all the way down to the backside of the Farmer John plant and down Boyle St. and Garfield Ave. down to Slauson Blvd. to Florence Ave. and Eastern Blvd. past the cemetery to Telegraph Rd. to the five-point intersection from hell at Atlantic Blvd).  Freeway, street, off-road trail–it doesn’t matter.  If I’m on it, it’s going to be slow. 

All this leads me to a question perhaps appropriate for a blog dedicated to the Eastside–is there an easy way to cut across the Eastside or is just designed to be a long, slow ride designed to be enjoyed when you think you have better things to do?

And for our more practically-inclined readers, suggestions for the best way to get across the Eastside are also greatly appreciated.


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5 thoughts on “Cutting Across The Eastside

  1. I’ve worked in City of Industry and Bell, it’s a slow ride around that time. The best thing to do is find the little shortcuts for your route, like taking Boyle up to Mission, but there’s no one solution. It helps to have a good understanding of the neighborhoods for those instant turns to avoid upcoming congestion! 😉

  2. I’d take Downey Rd across the L.A. River if you don’t want to take Soto. East-west, take Bandini if you don’t want to take Washington/Slauson/Gage/Olympic.

  3. I would say that the best way would be non-car related. I have arrived at my destination on my one-gear bike faster than my driving friends trying to get to the same place on 4 wheels in traffic. Maybe the rail in tandem with the bus is better too. The Gold Line is supposed to be going through East Los soon. Oh why did Henry Ford have to ruin our trolley system to sell more cars!

  4. Be a real chicano and smoke a joint to kill the time, worked for me when I was at UPS.

    On a semi related note California is a good N/S route thru the southeast cities (maywood to lynwood). I also will cut across bandini or wash to santa fe if the other N/S streets are bad. or bandini to the 710

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