Councilman to Occupy LA: “Don’t Despair, Job Fairs Are Coming! “

This morning on the Madeleine Bland show councilman Dennis Zine got the laughs going when he bestowed some words of wisdom to all those participants of Occupy LA: Get a Job! You know, in the jobless “recovery”.  His great plan to accomplish this feat of full employment? Throw a “Job Fair.”

Haha! For reals? Yes, for reals.


I went ahead and snipped together some of his inspiring babosadas, cuz I doubt you’ll want to listen to the whole thing. Oh yeah, aside from his “get a job” message he also complains about the “homeless that don’t have anything to do”, the movement is “generated by some international group”, something about socialism, “when you go to the city hall you like to see a nice environment and its sad to see people who are camped out because they have a cause, they can’t get a job”.

How very sad and disturbing it is to see the unwashed poor and the unemployed riff-raff. They should stay over in skid row where we don’t have to see them.

Fucking Hilarious.

Here’s another solution:

4 thoughts on “Councilman to Occupy LA: “Don’t Despair, Job Fairs Are Coming! “

  1. Minimum wage jobs all around! One for you, one for you and one for you! I can think of one person who does deserve unemployment and that’s Mr. Zine.

  2. Hey I saw that movie on TV the other day—“In a Fascist future where all forms of feeling are illegal. . . ” I didn’t know the daily doses of lithium had already begun being administered to our disque “leadership”.

  3. What I find particularly annoying are comments by The Mayor and Councilmembers complaining about City Hall landscaping being damaged, and plans to charge the protesters with the bill, when directly across the street is the brand new LAPD headquarters where their lawn and landscaping died from neglect due to their mismanagement. I took this photo just last month of a planter at LAPDHQ that I’m sure we paid thousands of tax dollars for, now with a dead tree stump and full of weeds. I can find hundreds of examples like this throughout our fair city. Maybe city landscaping jobs are the sort of jobs the city is hoping to fill??

  4. “When you go to the city hall, you like to see a nice environmant”

    Dennis: I went down to City Hall over the weekend, and, frankly, the Occupy Los Angeles encampment there was the most encouraging, most uplifting thing I’ve seen there in a very long time.

    People young and old, black and brown and white, united in their determination to make the world they live in a better place, soliciting the support of their government and their fellow citizens.

    Citizens peaceably assembled to petition their government for redress of grievances.

    Warms the very cockles of my little heart.

    Much, MUCH nicer than any sterile, empty lawn.

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