Jesus Pleads

Moses had his 10 commandments on some wifi tablets (or so I’ve heard) but here are the modern supplications of Mural Jesus set in cinder blocks, and they total 11!

5. NO LOITERING! (uh dude, yer repeating yerself)
6. NO DEFICATING! (he might mean defecating)
8. NO TIRAR BASURA! (don’t litter)
9. NO ORINAR! (don’t urinate while speaking Spanish)
10. NO DEFECAR! (keep your feces out of here, while grunting in Spanish)
11. NO PARKING! (unless you’re with a movie shoot, then you can park anywhere)

I walk by this sacred area quite often, but it wasn’t until Mr. Desmadre guided us through here for his recent Sunday outing that I noticed these holy signs, an eleven point plan to spiritual enlightenment. I try to live up to the pleadings of Chuy but eventually the dirty sins overcome my soul and have their way. I’m gonna litter right now!

I don’t think I’m the only one that succumbs to their nature. Click ahead to see what I mean.

Actually, don’t click ahead, you will not like what you see.

You better not be eating either, and don’t you blame me for nothing.

Are you sure you want to see?




Welcome to Downtown Los Angeles! Where human and dog poo mingle!

Told you not to look.

4 thoughts on “Jesus Pleads

  1. LOL haha! I spotted the same sign last year during his tour and I was tripping out on how funny and grimy it was lol glad this was made into a post! lol

  2. Ahhh, the unique blend of aromas one finds downtown on a hot summer’s day! Too bad we can’t include a “Smell-O-Rama” feature on our posts. I once toyed with the idea of conducting a tour called “Ur-in L.A.” where we would tour the most fetid corners of the city. So far, I have a list of about 10 places that would make your eyes water.

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