My grandparents Jessie y Atanasio, circa early 1940s

I missed the anniversary by a few days but I’d still like to share this bit of my family history.

I was quite surprised when I came across this La Opinion clipping among my grandmother’s photos. I had no idea my grandparents were well-known enough in Los Angeles to be the subject of a social column. I had been aware of my grandmother’s active involvement with various local Echo Park civic groups in the 60s and 70s. But I didn’t know she did things like campaign to have an underground walkway installed under Temple St so that the students of Rosemont Elementary wouldn’t have to cross the busy street. Among her things, I found a letter from a local politician commending her for this effort, an effort I was totally unaware of.

My grandfather was well-known for his annual “Compadres Party,” a huge backyard party which happened around the 16th of September and attended by an amazing cross-section of Angelinos. Some years it was said close to 300 people attended the 24 hour long festivities. The party tradition was to prepare a whole pig which would be slow roasted in the old-school barbacoa style: a specially constructed coal-heated pit into which the meat was lowered, the pit covered and sealed with mud and then left to cook for 10-12 hours. And because he loved to entertain, he transformed the family backyard into a patio party place with mosaics, fountains and even a dancefloor. Even as a kid, I knew these parties were legendary.

I never gave too much thought to how or why my grandparents did these things and it wasn’t until I read this wedding announcement that I began to realize their social activities started much earlier than I thought. I’ve also come to recognize the legacy they’ve left my family: an appreciation for social engagement, a commitment to community and the thrill of an almighty party! Fortunately, no newspaper clipping was needed to learn these important life lessons.

From La Opinion:

En atenta carta que mucho agradecemos, se nos ha informado que el domingo pasado, 28 de junio, se llevó a cabo el enlace de la señorita María de Jesús Téllez con el señor Atanasio García, ambos muy conocidos y estimados en nuestro buenos circulos sociales, con particularidad en los de la Alianza Hispano-Americana; porque son miembros prominentes de la Logia Número 150.
Apadrinaron esta boda, que estuvo muy lucida y concurrida, el señor N.E. Casas y esposa, doña Maria B. de Casas. Las damas fueron las señoritas Anita Téllez, Aida Passarelli y Elena Gomez. Y los chambelanes fueron los señores Hector Corrales, Juan b. Boone y Allen Catcher.
La ceremonia nupcial, que se efectuó con todo el ritual de la Iglesia Catolica, tuvo lugar en el templo histórico de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles, a las 11:00 de la mañana. De alli los novios y su comitiva se ditigieron el estudio fotografico, asistiendo más tarde a la recepcion que se ofrecio en la residencia de la novia, situada en 320 North Lafayette Park Place. La fiesta terminó con animado baile.
La pareja García-Téllez emprendió su viaje de bodas a la pintoresca poblacion de Escondido, a las 6:30 de la tarde, de donde regresarán hoy para fijar aqui su residencia.

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  1. It’s so great that you found this clipping. And what a wonderful tribute to your abuelit@s and the legacies they left for you, and all of us. Gracias for sharing.

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