¡Bravo¡ LoLa ¡Bravo¡: Congraduations!

Roosevelt High School 2011 Graduation, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles

(i know i know. i just combined congratulations and graduation. so stop texting me!)

2 thoughts on “¡Bravo¡ LoLa ¡Bravo¡: Congraduations!

  1. Mr. Chavo,

    i had recommended the site to some students and teachers at Roosevelt and Torres. last week, some students said, “hey mr ct, what’s up with the site? it’s cool but it like rarely changes.” yes, they said, “it like.” the comment bothered me but it has been true. so here we are. i’ll bombard the site for awhile. the school year is over and i have some time. plus i got some idears. don’t we all?

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