6 thoughts on “Mobile Snack Season

  1. I love Nom Nom. They are one of thee most popular food trucks around (made the finals on Food Network’s Food Truck Race) and though you will probably encounter a long line they are quick with great prices.

    I personally enjoy the food truck extravaganza that has been going on the last year or so. It brings a great diversity of cultures and food to many locations that may not usually have access to them. Food truck festivals are also a great place to witness such diversity, from Highland Park’s DinDinAGoGo on Tuesdays to Union Station’s TruckIt Fest the 1st Sunday of every month, and the occassional Santa Anita & Rosemead festivals as well.

    The regular taco trucks that are on practically every corner of East L.A. are fine, but it’s great to have all these other choices too.

  2. Thanks April, I am going to have to check out those gathering of trucks. Lots of new foods coming to our food desert in Boyle Heights. I just found that Senor Fish in Little Tokyo makes tofu burritos and tacos! Yay!

  3. Up here in the great, iciness of Washington State, I truly miss the amazing service that roving street vendors and their honking horns and advertising cries bring to LA. I finally found some fresh corn in the store the other day to make some elotes at home. There’s literally one taco truck in the whole city and they don’t even have buche…

    You guys are so lucky!

  4. i tend to see the carts with snacks usually around Hollenbeck and Roosevelt as the kids are getting out of class. And i think to myself is it right that as the kids get out of school, the first food option that they have is junk food. Also ponder the effect of the ban/moratorium of fast food places in south LA. And also the attempt to ban soda from public schools. LAUSD and the city is attempting to provide an environment with healthier food options yet the moment the step out into the streets, bammm, junk food.

    On the other hand, i am of the mind set that i should decide what i eat. And government should stay out of my personal life.

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