Halcónes de Noche

I was at Georges Burgers Tuesday night grabbing dinner, which was a $1.50 hamburger, and as I was waiting for my burger I took a pic that reminded me of the Edward Hooper paiting, “Night Hawks.” Georges is a lot like the painting in that it’s frozen in time. I mean, most of the guys working there have been there for years. In fact, I asked one of the cooks and he said that the person with the least amount of time working there was 15 years. But that’s how it’s always been, the same guys cooking up fries and burgers for as long as I can remember. In fact, some of them have been there working longer than I have been alive. Despite the Mc Donald’s up the block, king taco, KFC/Taco Bell, Jack in the Box and a bunch of other restaurants around them, they’ve stayed in business all these years.  At this point, I’m looking forward to the day when I can take my kids there for a burger.

9 thoughts on “Halcónes de Noche

  1. I too appreciate the mom and pop places that stand the test of time and can fend off all the big corporations.

  2. I’ve spent many a late night there. A cheese sandwich for me. I used to go there when I was your age Random, and the same cooks are still there. Fucking crazy. But I think the McDonald’s stays open longer.

  3. I like how you think Random….You can see the vision asides what is actually in front of your eyes. I will def check this spot out sometime.

  4. thanks DJ 😀 It’s def a monument in boyle heights, cause like Chavo said, he use to go there when he was my age, however long ago that is lol It’s like all those other mom and pop burger joints that are just aorund the hood. They put meat seaosing on the fries, everything is done by guys and it has the staple 1,000 island dressing that is probably hand churned in the back

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