The Hood Taught Me A New Word

“Bookers Liquor Store” Figueroa and 59th

When I took this picture I seriously did not know what the word “Sundries” was I decided to look it up but never did. Today when my professor was discussing a topic on “Social Stratification and Inequality” the word  “Sundries” came up when he was giving us an example. I immediately thought of this liquor store in South Central where I first was curious about the word. I kind of figured out what it was when the teacher used the word in an example but after looking it up, I get it!

Do most people even know this word?? I am joking most probably do however, I did not and now I do. Here is the definition.

noun miscellaneous objects too numerous or too small to be specified.

sundry( plural noun)  things or items, esp. small, miscellaneous items of little value

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9 thoughts on “The Hood Taught Me A New Word

  1. Q-Vole I like this website and this is the first article I’ve read here so I look forward to reading more. I was linked here through and this site so far seems to be bad ass and I’ve only been on it for like 5 minutes. Orale al rato.

  2. yeah i’ve seen “sundries” on store signs before, wondering what they were but never looked it up. now i know. thanx. sundries = random stuff… tiliches?

  3. I know of a Liqour Store, Art’s liquor in East LosAngeles, on Beverly & Sadler, the signage says sundries, stationary, hosiery, maybe toys also….. it’s an old time look compared to todays new liqour stores, stationary? not too many letters are handwritten anymore, oh..and an extra set of stockings for my lady….

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