5 thoughts on “Tower of Power

  1. The picture is a cell phone tower on Whittier Blvd between Spence and Esperanza Streets. Its receded from Whittier Blvd in a cartage business amongst large trash bins.
    Next door is a really cool carneceria that serves up good pollo rostisado on the weekends.

    The corny cell phone tower was put in by LA Cellular\ ATT Wireless services.
    The good thing is that LA Cellular in fostering good community relations at the time did seek out community approval for the tower. The bad is you get a so so tower with Boyle Heights in big red letters. Considering all the artist that live in the area they at least should have requested designs by local Boyle Heights\ East Los artists. Sorry to say my dad was on the committee that agreed to the design of this tower.

  2. A good cell phone tower is a tower you don’t see unless you live up on Mt. Wilson. Now with a plain red stickered BH on the tower it’s going to be noticed in a sense of , “what the heck is that?” I agree, a nice design by a local artist would of been good. Times change, before you would see town names on water towers, now it’s cell phone towers that makes the town go round.

  3. I noticed that the other day. Speaking of weird looking towers what the building on Whittier and Mott with all the strange towers and dishes? I’ve walked around it but there are no signs or marking on the building.

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