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  1. This is a beautiful image of Bi-Rite by Laurie! Thanks for highlighting it Chimatli. This might not be the time or the place for brainstorming but I always wondered how LA Eastside, as a hyperlocal blog can unite the community even more.

    I got it.

    Whilst sipping on Abuelita’s chocolate, I went through Laurie’s photo, as well as other photographs featured on the Eastside flickr group. As it happens- we are lucky enough to have some great photographers, including Jose Barrera, former photographer with the LA Times who shares his work. Why don’t we hold some photo safaris, or even some photography crash courses for those of us starting out. Bring your iphone camera, slr, point and shoot, and let’s hit the streets with the likes of Jose and Laurie and other pros. Might be cool. Any money raised can go to a non-profit or to get a bigger server for this ever growing blog. I don’t know. whatevs.

  2. My favorite “quick-grab” market for awhile. I seemed to always be close when I remembered I needed something.

    Always brought me right back to the authentic Latino market of my little kid days, yet with an exotic Asian feel with the tubs of fresh fish right infront of the “carnicero” counter and the Spanish-speaking, Asian staff.

    My son won some decent money (+ $50) once or twice playing the push-the-money-off-the-ledge game at the entrance (not sure if the machine is still there since it felt a bit too close to gambling).

    This pix piques to visit soon–it’s been too long. Thx Chimatli

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