7 thoughts on “May Day Protest, Tomorrow en El Centro

  1. Anda bien manana Chavo! I’ll have my pat and turns on for the marcha tambien.
    Good news and more evidence that the Arizona boycott has these racists scared shitless. One of the main owners of the Arizona Diamondbacks is a big money supporter of the Republican Party aka The White Peoples Party of Arizona. The boycott may well cost Arizona the All Star Baseball Game which is scheduled to be played in Phoenix.
    Keep up the pressure on these Arpayaso’s and the white posse militia!

    “Major League Baseball Players Association calls for ‘repeal’ or prompt modification of Arizona law.
    In a statement released today, the Major League Baseball Players Association has issued its opposition to the Arizona’s new anti-immigrant law:”

  2. I like that there are American flags and Mexican flags in there. I will bring a Canadian flag too.

  3. I’ll be wearing red for gay illegal immigrants. There’s got to be some, statistically speaking. I’ll try to find a safe shade if red though.

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