Guelaguetza Oaxacan Resturant

The Guelaguetza (from the zapotec word “guendalizaa”) between the villages in Oaxaca means “mutual help” or “Shared Offering”

I first went to this spot last year,  my homie knew that I really liked mole, so he recommended Guelaguetza because he said the mole there was really good. I am used to more pipian style mole because it is spicier, so I wasn’t sure how I would like a sweeter Oaxacan style mole. To my surprise the mole, and everything else was delicious.

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The resturant on 8th St  is very spacious, and charming, there is lots of Oaxacan decor, a bakery section with Oaxacan treats, and even a banquet area for weddings or special events. On the weekends they have lives bands playing traditional music.

I always thought the Oxacan culture was interesting just because I felt they practiced  more of our true indigenous Mexican roots.  While working at Slanguage I met this intern named Cristina, and she put me up on game with her Oaxacan traditions . She had mentioned to me that chapulines (grasshoppers) were so good, I was hesitant, but I told her one day I would try them.

This time when I went to Guelaguetza I wanted to try something different. They start you  off with chips drizzled in red mole sauce topped with queso. Trust! you will find it hard not to keep munching on these.

Next was the test! ” Chapulines”  I wasn’t going to back out so I was ready to eat them, and they were GOOD!! They came on a plate with a few slices of limon, they hardly looked like anything, just dark and sort of moist. We squeezed limon on it and ate them on a tortilla chip, yum! It tasted to me like dry shrimp, and better.

For the main dish I ordered a ” Clayuda” which is a large, thin corn tortilla. Handmade and cooked on a clay cooking disc. I got a ” Clayuda” with black beans, cabbage, quesillo, and chorizo on top, but there are like 10 different choices including vegetarian. The Clayudas are pretty much the size of a pizza, so its big enough to share.

The next dish is enchiladas in mole rojo, stuffed with chicken a topped with cheese, my friend added tons of onions, but that is a personal option. This is also big enough to share.

Next time I want to try is! it  looks soooo good. It is called a Tuxtepecana Mixta which is a pineapple stuffed with shrimp, octopus, and fish, sauteed onion wedges. Maybe I will treat myself for my birthday next year.

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There is so many interesting and unique dishes that you would definitely need to go visit for yourself. Prices are medium range for more complicated dishes, but most  items  are average prices.  I highly recommend this place, viva Oaxaca!

Guelaguetza website

“Mi Querida Oaxaca” Blog post by Cristina Velasquez

Follow them on Facebook here


3337 1/2  W 8th St

Los Angeles, CA 90005

(213) 427-0601


3014 W Olympic Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90006

(213) 427-0608


Plaza Mexico

11215 Long Beach Blvd # 1010

Lynwood, CA 90262

(310) 884-9234


The restaurant in HP has a new concept, focusing more on Cemitas y Clayudas, same owner different twist, check them on Facebook here

2560 E. Gage Ave

Huntington Park, CA 90255

(323) 277-9899

Buen Provecho,

Dona Junta

6 thoughts on “Guelaguetza Oaxacan Resturant

  1. YES !!!!!!!!!!! They’re food is bomb. I’ve been there before and like you I was blown away. I had a sangria and man was it good. I wanna go to their new spot in HP ever since I heard about it. It’s suppose to be bomb as well. Their micheladas are freaking awesome.

  2. Yum. My fav meal at Guelaguetza is the mole rojo con tasajo! Tasajo is one reason i’m not 100% vegetarian.
    I also love making newbies eat chapulines after dinner!
    I love Oaxacan food mmmmm…

  3. Yeah, that’s a pretty good spot. Quesillo is like the best cheese ever, impossible to find a good one in LA, unless you want to pay a bunch. It’s most fun going on weekends when some family has the front room booked and you can enjoy the bands fer free!

  4. That pineapple thing looks awesome.

    I’ll pass on the grasshoppers. Their old-grandma faces scare me. I heard locusts were good too, because they’re filled with the crops they devoured.

  5. Hey Chavo I seen they have HR, I wonder if that would be any good, cus I know u the pro on that one. But yeah it is def a more family, good times spot. I can see someone taking a date there as well since they have a bar n stuff too lol. I just fixed the Facebook link as well. Oh yeah the quesillo is the ish very tasty.

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