Well it’s started, the state of Arizona has just passed the most stringent, anti democratic, anti immigrant, anti Latino, anti worker, most repressive, ethnic profiling law that’s come down the pipe since the Japanese Americans were rounded up and put in concentration camps for being Asian looking, during world war 2. Being Mexican looking in Arizona has been dangerous for quite a while now but with this new law in effect looking Mexican can get you detained, locked up, and maybe deported.

Should someone start a little negocio in say Blythe Ca. that sells blond wigs and white pancake makeup for Mexican Americans who have to cross the Arizona border on Interstate 10 heading east? It might help in combating racial profiling by Arizona cops who are now mandated to check peoples papers if they meet certain “criteria’s”, you know, looking Mexican for example.  Illegal trespassing in Arizona without proper papers can get you in trouble now, be cautious.

Arizona Immigration Law Sparks National Uproar

Remember those right wing propaganda films of little Chinese kids putting the finger on their parents for thinking Imperialist thoughts? Well, are we going to experience little Chicano kids snitching off parents who might not be documented? 

It seems workers are being fucked with all over the world, when the good times roll immigrant workers are sought after to do the cheap ass labor, but when times get tough they are convenient scapegoats for fascists like the Arizona Republicans and their running dogs.

The Republican Governor of Arizona has a few days to veto the bill, sign it into law, or just do nothing in which case the law goes into effect.  This is a very retrogressive law that has wide national ramifications for us all.

Boycott Arizona!!

51 thoughts on “BOYCOTT ARIZONA NOW!!

  1. Re: “How naïve of me and many Hispanics, who thought “It can never happen to me”

    Exactly. Anybody who has studied history knows that fascists target the most vulnerable people first and then work their way up the ladder. Arizona began by targeting illegal immigrants and now they are targeting American citizens who have illegal immigrant parents. It doesn’t take a genius to see that they will eventually come after all Hispanic Americans.

    The Govenor of Arizona is a sick racist. I will not spend one dime in any Arizona company, nor do I want any of my tax dollars spent in any Arizona based company.

    By the way, Phil Jackson, coach of the LA Lakers, supports SB 1070. Needless to say, my family and I are no longer into the Lakers.

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