One thought on “Street Names of Los Angeles

  1. Nice post Chimatli, but street names can also be used as a negative sometimes.
    As a teenage cholo I was once cruising Frogtown with some people I knew from there. The police pulled us over and rousted us. They got everyone out of the car and after they frisked us these two detectives started asking us were we were from and were we lived.
    They got to the guys from Frogtown and asked the first vato “Where do live?” Homeboy answers real tough like. “I live on Fruitdale St.” The Cop asked the second Homie “And where do live?” The vato sticks out his chin and says “I live on Queen St.”
    The Detective smirks and says “Fruitdale and Queen St huh? It figures”
    Everyone cracked up laughing and the Detectives just sent us on our way with grins on thier faces.

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