And a Cat Named Johnny, Pt. 2

Lincoln Heights, circa 1935

I’ve been looking everywhere for this photo, a few weeks ago I posted a corresponding photo of my great-uncle. Perhaps it’s a coincidence but I came across it this morning. Two years ago today, my beautiful grandmother, Jessie Tellez Garcia passed away.

As for the location, it might be near Eva Terrace. When I asked my great-uncle where the photo was taken, he mentioned a street name I wasn’t familiar with that included the name “Terrace.” I’ve tried researching old Los Angeles maps but with no success.

It seems Johnny the cat was a lazy little fellow because he doesn’t move an inch from photo to photo.

9 thoughts on “And a Cat Named Johnny, Pt. 2

  1. Beautiful photo, pose, cat, area, and especially a beautiful Grandma.
    Thanks Chimatli!

  2. What a gorgeous abuelita! It always takes my breath away when we see our grandparents and parents as the youths we always picture ourselves as being. This could be my own Mima, or Mimamari. They were beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Again, Chimatli, great photo. Your grandmother has that good girl with the knowing eyes look. A beautiful woman. …Wonder if she knew how many people would live on and around that hill 75 years later.

  4. Speaking from experience, the cat I own in Lincoln Heights is about as lazy as the one pictured above. He’s staying true to his roots.

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