7 thoughts on “¡Bravo¡ LoLa ¡Bravo¡: Declassified

  1. Yup. In East Los these things are not only everywhere but on peoples yards !!! It’s hard to know if the home owner is getting a cut of that or if it’s just there illegaly. There’s some for weed on Chavez all along the evergreen cemetery a while back

  2. It hit me in several ways.

    “This is my country,” where every mode of entrance to this “house” has to be secured with iron and fear.

    Is the military making a Grand Statement: “We got this on lockdown. Welcome to 1984, again. We run this!”

    The guy is making a proud declaration, in uniform. Imagine if he wasn’t wearing the uniform. What if he was holding a colorful zarape? It probably wouldn’t be sponsored by the Navy.

    How would some people then view it? In uniform, a “proud american.” Without?

    Also, throw up this exact “billboard” on a house in San Marino, see what happens.

  3. i know that area- i was born and raised there up until 5th grade.
    That type of billboard- is probably not allowed by the city of LA- but since they dont have enough inspectors to patrol the whole city- they only focus on the big large offenders on the westside.
    Thats probably a rental unit and the one getting paid is the property owner for sure.
    And “vista media” doesnt sound like one of the big ballers/players (clear channel or great outdoor) in the outdoor advertising sector here in LA.

  4. The more I look at this, the more disturbing it gets. It’s a creepy idea, present in a creepy way and a creepy thing to do to someone’s house.

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