Spotted in the wealthy part of town: In all our decadence people die.


This was being constructed right next to the graffitied trash bin.

6 thoughts on “Crass

  1. Damn, “Shaved Women” is such a great song. I should blast that song on a loop, rolling down Rodeo Drive.

  2. Someone parked their car really close, as if they were trying to block it. They’re going to tell onlookers that the last word is “succeed!”.

  3. I read a true redemption message there. “In all our decadence people diet”. It seems almost a life affirming message for the McDonald’s generation.

  4. How about someone just takes the wood flooring and the car? I’m joking, Conchita. Thanks for the correction.

  5. Hmmm, that’s a nice play on the theme: In all our decadence people diet!
    Julio, I seem to appreciate Crass more than ever these days both musically and politically.

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