Silver Lake is not the Eastside and consumerism isn’t GREEN!!


Apparently the creepy consumer addict greenies over at your daily thread didn’t get the memo that the Eastside is EAST of the LA River.

Maybe they were meditating.

Browne Molyneux

H/T Franklin Avenue

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52 thoughts on “Silver Lake is not the Eastside and consumerism isn’t GREEN!!

  1. “it’s time to stop singing and start swinging”

    I totally agree w Browne, again, we need to talk about the uncomfortable topics and stop covering it all up with dewy eyed let’s just just be nice and positive bs. That doesn’t help individuals to bury their pains and just smile and it won’t help a society to turn a blind eye to it’s sores and scars.

    Thanks Tracy for being responsive and changing the name after learning a little about this topic. I’m sure you probably got some heat from some folks, but I (and it seems others) appreciate it.

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