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  1. And on a semi-related note the County Planning Department will be having a second round of community workshops for the East Los Angeles 3rd Street Specific Plan. They will be held on
    October 17, 2009
    Ruben Salazar Park Senior Center
    9:00am – 12pm
    October 24, 2009
    City Terrace Park Community room

    here is a link to the outreach materials

    and to the county website

    these meeting give local community members to be involved in revising land use policies for the area along 3rd street in ELA.
    I tend to post these notices on here from time to time as they come up because they are a very valuable way for people to get involved with the planning department decisions, give their opinions, help create the policies and ordinances that shape our community. This is were you go to tell planners that you want mom and pop shops in ur neighborhood and not corporate America. It gives community members an opportunity to be proactive rather than reactionary.
    I know a lot of people here talk about having Eastside pride, its this type of involvement that proves who is serious about it.

    Sorry, El Random Hero for sort of hi jacking ur post, but its sort of related to ur post in that the rail is the catalyst for the revisions to the ELA specific plan.

  2. rob, those are great ideas to post, hopefully you will be contributing to this website as well.

    You are absolutely correct about how attending these meetings and giving input is the best form of eastside pride. Gracias carnale!

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