Halloween Piñatas?


Need to get your office into the Halloween mood? Tired of all those cutesy lil’ pumpkins with painted faces or those lil’ teddy bear witches? Might I suggest a seasonal piñata to put in the staff lounge? How about this handsome devil with the gold belt and heart shaped hairy chest? The lady ghouls love him!


Or this calavera complete with 10 toes and 10 fingers? Fill it up with flour and beans, and it will surely be a crowd pleaser at the bashing. Well, maybe not for the cleaning crew.


Or maybe something a bit smaller, like this skull and bones. Are those toilet paper rolls? How come that lousy ReadyMade magazine always has 101 ways to make a lamp but they never mention something practical, like this? Everyone needs a piñata!

According to the kid in the pic, they’re all just $15. Hmm, at those prices it’s cheaper not to do it yourself!


Available at:

Beraka Party Supplies 323.269.8466
3829 E Cesar E Chavez Ave

In East Los by that motorcycle place.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Piñatas?

  1. this year, me and my 5 yr old decided to project Halloween the original movie, on the window curtains from the inside of the house. you should see how many kids stand there. Free entertainment.

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