Taco Hunt Lives!

(Animal friendly tacos!)

Do you all remember when The Great Taco Hunt went dark back in August of 2007? Well I do. Even as a vegetarian I loved following his excursions into the taco culture. But I guess Bandini waited until Summer since just the other day he came back to life announcing that he’s gonna be doing his taco thing over at Daily Taco.org but I think it’s kind of a group blog now? He even has a proper respect for the Eastside! You can register an account and post your own taco adventures, I think. I’m about to try that out.

Welcome back Bandini!

In other Taco News, LA Taco reports that Eastside taqueros are being robbed. Scanless.

7 thoughts on “Taco Hunt Lives!

  1. thanks for the mention el chavo!

    I considered going vegetarian during my hiatus pero i like the al pastor too much.

  2. ahhh those tacos on first are, wait, are we talking bout the ones next to chase? The two trocas next to each other? those are good!!

    The other day we walked down to Taco Row, on chavez and breed, next to BofA and the city was there picking up their carts and giving tickets. y ahora, quien podra alimentarme?

  3. I finally got to try those Kogi Korean Tacos. Trust me, they got nothing on our tacos. tacos on chavez and breed still rule the world!!!

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