Facebook and Twitter are down this morning! The horror.

This is an outage for everyone, so if you think it’s something personal, don’t be so vain. There is no way that the gov’t thinks you are important enough to shut off your computer ONLY  just because you looked at some questionable porn a few times.

We’ll now have to go outside and talk to people face to face. Darnit, I was getting used to not showering.

Though you can go to friendfeed, but I think you would have to be a pretty sad person to have facebook, twitter and friendfeed, I mean really, that’s just excessive unless you’re 16 and then I would completely understand.


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12 thoughts on “Facebook and Twitter are down this morning! The horror.

  1. I can’t even sign in. I can’t sign into my facebook. I can’t sign into twitter to see what is happening on my facebook page. I can’t see my “friends”. I am all alone. No more friends for me.

  2. How am I going to know when my friends sneeze or scratch their ass? How am I going to remember what I had for lunch or what was cool? This is the work of the devil.

  3. I wonder if people are having to resort to the water cooler to get their chisme and mild doses of distraction? I can’t wait for twitter to come back up so I can complain that it was down!

  4. Yeah, I made it up to 200 “tweets” (ugh) and called it quits. I understand how twitter can be useful but for the most part it’s not. And it’s too difficult to follow what’s happening anyways, unless you are constantly checking it, which I don’t want to do. I plan to write a post on this sometime, but it might be awhile cuz I have video games to play!

  5. I’ve never had twitter, I’ve never had facebook, I’ve never had friendfeed…I sometimes go for weeks without computer access, and i don’t even have a cell phne… I must not have any friends!!! Boo hoo!

  6. Apio I’m going to provide you with a link to facebook lets see if you resist the urge to at least just sign up, just so you can look at, just so you can check out an event your friend sent you via their facebook page.

    You claim you won’t go back. You did Myspace and Livejournal, you say, “I’m done with this social media crap.” But then you find your self looking at the account you just opened up just to check that one email. Actually you wait about a month or two, but then one day you get bored and you decide to fill out your profile and then you see that you have some messages of people who want to be your “friend” and then six months later if someone took away your facebook you would have no way to contact half of the people you know.

    So Apio if you can resist that, you will be a better person that me.

    Here’s a link, click on it, I dare you.



  7. Maybe there should be a ludditebook or ludditespace or how about ludster? You all can leave little notes for each other on boulders or leave bits of ribbons tied on fences like Gypsies do. I wonder how I can make money off of luddites? Hahaha! 🙂 Oh yeah, I forgot about the post office and stamps.
    Seriously, I’m not hating. I only use Facebook to avoid tasks like dishwashing.

  8. sorry, chimatli, I will send you a letter soon so that you don’t forget about the post office an stamps again…

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