The Beer We Drink On The LA Eastside

The Beer We Drink on the LA Eastside

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[youtube E2XuEnNiMF4]

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[youtube o8ZHjcQZ15g]

The best commercial in years, from now on it’s Dos Equis!

Stay thirsty my friends!

PS, In 1956 when I knew “The Most Interesting Man In The World” he was known as “Lil Speedy” from Eastside Clover.

Who’d a thunk it?

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  1. “He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels”. LOL! Those commercials crack me up. I like the Dos Equis lager, in the green bottles. Probably one of my favorite beers. That guy who plays him was a little gangster as a kid? DQ, that makes his commercials 20 times funnier (and perhaps even more truthful…). Thanks for the tid bit. Oh, and stay thirsty.

  2. I wanted to do a parody of this commercial with that same guy sitting in a crack house with a bunch of tweekers and he says to the camera: “I don’t usually smoke crack, but when I do, I base the best. Stay Jonesing my friends…..”

  3. No freaking way !!! El speedy hahahah but speaking of the beers we drink on the Eastside, I hate the fact that there’s a stigmata that if you don’t drink what everyone else is drinking I.E. corona, tecate etc. you are not a real Mexican, Chicano or what have you. I say that’s bull crap because those beers taste like crap to me. So what if I don’t drink the staple drinks chill out. I can never really understand it, but then again I’m not much of a beer drinker either. So my comment doesn’t really matter now does it. Ohh well I’m too lazy to erase it now. Fuck it.

  4. I noticed they’re marketing Dos Equis toward hard alcohol drinkers. “I don’t always drink beer”, as opposed to Bud or Coors commercials making it seem like it’s still a beer drinking world. Beer consumption has actually declined to where people only buy half as much beer as they did a decade ago…and alcohol’s a recession proof biz. Young adults like that hard alcohol. The reason why you can’t go to a club anymore without winding up in the middle of a huge brawl is because hard alcohol has become so mainstream to people in their early 20s. The shit hits their veins like any hard drug would. I wish a clever beer brand could ween them back to beer. Here’s hoping for the most interesting man in the world to pull it off. I just watched more of his youtubes. I like the rollerblading one, too, where he just looks into the camera and says, “No”. LOL!

  5. No te creo! puras curada’s jente, pero Lil Speedy did make the big time, he’s doing a double life and is a mero shotcaller at Florence Super Max.

    Alivianate Al! Deje la chora de vidrio pa los Craque heads.
    Stay thirsty my friend

    El Random Hero, get a grip and get mellow, nobody cares what you drink, stay with the Kool Aid if that turns you on, like you say, nobody gives a fuck.

  6. Hard to believe that in this forum devoted to all things “East Side” no one has yet mentioned East Side Beer, produced by the Los Angeles Brewing Company and later by the Pabst Brewing Company for more than fifty years. My Granpa Pete, who was the kind of guy who would wax nostalgic for the beers of his youth no longer available, remembered East Side as being superior to other local beers like Brew 102 and Acme.

    Regular commenters will be happy to know that as long back as 1907, George Zobelein knew that the Los Angeles River was the meridian of the young metropolis. His brewery was built on North Main Street just east of the river which is why he called his signature product East Side.

    Check out or for more pix and history including an anecdote about Jean Harlow’s visit to the East Side on the night Prohibition came to an end.

  7. Thank you Soledadenmasa, and Dennis thanks for the mention of Eastside “Old Tap Lager” Beer. As Chole-enmasa stated, the Eastside Brewery has been mentioned numerous times here, not only by me but by many others. The old Eastside/Pabst Brewery was an important site and landmark in Lincoln Hts and the rest of the Eastside. At one time many people were employed there and the memory of that Brewery is very deep in my consciousness. The smell of the beer being produced used to permeate my old neighborhood especially on overcast and rainy days. And as a teenager me and the homies had the routine of the Eastside/Pabst security guards figured out and would hop the fence, break into one of the delivery trucks and steal cases of beer, one time my present brother in law and a couple other homies got busted and sent to LA County Juvenile Road Camp for a year, for stealing a loaded Eastside beer truck and driving it through the fence, the greedy bastards weren’t satisfied with boosting five or six cases of bironga.
    But on a hot summer night, sitting under the Spring St bridge with other kids from the varrio, on the concrete banks of the LA River, drinking an ice cold Eastside long neck beer, ahhh now that was sublime.

  8. Sorry folks, didn’t mean to be needlessly redundant. However, I did do a search of the website before I posted my previous comment and nothing popped up for “East Side Beer” in the archives. I guess only article titles and not the comments have been indexed.

    It does occur to me for a product that has already engendered so much previous commentary and obviously still inspires such fond memories(glad to see Granpa Pete wasn’t alone on that one) that maybe East Side Beer does deserve an article entry of its own. Just a thought.

  9. Has anyone seen the most recent batch of Tecate commercials on the Spanish TV outlets? I dont know whether to be offended that they use such grenudo borracho looking dudes (think Danny Trejo) or glad that they didnt have a bunch of pretty boy Miami/South America types in them. Either way, an all around FAIL cuz of no Tecate girls. I cant find it on you tube, otherwise I’d link to it.

  10. My favorite beer commercial of all time is the Corona Christmas one where the palm tree just lights up. Perfect. No people, no music, no actors in far too good of shape to be beer drinkers, just an island, a small house, a palm tree, a quiet sea, and a Corona. Feliz…pretty much anything. They should run that year around.

  11. As a former alcoholic now sober almost 5 yrs, this mexican american gay dude use to prefer- Negra Modelo (little bottle),Asahi (japanese) and good old Heineken.

    Pero si no avia mas i would settle for Bud light, thats when i drank beer, cause like 80% of the time i was into the liquor- whiskey (jack n coke) or vodka (martini) and tequila were my favs.

    – los pinches recuerdos 🙂

  12. I’m talking about the old, old one, DQ, where there’s no people. It’s just that house on the island at night time, then the tree lights up, then the screen says “Feliz Navidad”. That’s it. Just perfect. They should run it year around, just to remind everyone that excess isn’t always the answer.

  13. Urbanleftbehind, I just saw that Tecate commercial you’re talking about on ESPN 2, and it was entirely in Spanish. Maybe it was a mistake, because I’ve never seen an all Spanish speaking commercial on a mainstream, US station before. But yeh, what was up with that? He’s trying to get the courage to pick up a hot cooking pot, or something? Drinks a Tecate and then he picks the thing up like it’s nothing? Yeh, that was cheesy.

  14. I would love to have some ice cold Eastside Beer right now!! Also, I still remember being at family parties in the early 60’s as a kid my dad would let me take a sip of his Olympia Beer. In the 70’s it was Lowenbrau Dark, and Heineken Dark! Or to really get locote some Mickey’s Malt Liquor, remember that was the 70’s! not now!
    On a different note, I still remember the very tasty, yet headachy Annie Green Springs’ Apricot Splash. Now I drink Pacifico and Rolling Rock beers!!

  15. George Zobelein (East Side Old tap Lager Beer) lived near the colliseum. On Flower where it intersects Figueroa.
    my grandfather purchased an apartment building on flower from him (I think in the 20s).

    There is also a story that, as a birthday present, he gave a vacant lot out beyond the west outskirts of Los Angeles. It was on the corner of Wishire and western.

  16. DOS EQUIS is marketing the wrong beer. Dos Equis Amber is there best beer by far. The stuff in the green bottle is pee water

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