Photos from around the way

Here are a few photos from places in Echo Park and the surrounding area.



This cholo style mural is located on 6th and Bonnie Brae.


This faded  religious mural is located Edgeware Rd and Temple on the side of this market in the Historic Filipino Town or just Echo Park to some.


This little spot called La Esquinita  located on Sunset in Echo Park  always caught my eye, until now the building was  faded away the paint was dull and peeling. I recently noticed  someone did a nice mural all over the building. Has anybody ever eaten here?


This  house located on Bartlett street near Chinatown is cool because it is isolated almost next to the freeway. One of my friends was supposed to move in with his parents long ago, but they decided not to after all. I think it is a charming little house.


One of my favorite sights off Sunset in Echo Park. Even the houses in Echo Park got the staircase effect.


This unfinished mural on Court Street and E. Edgeware Rd is coming out really good, I love the bright colors.

I hope you all enjoy,and make sure to turn your head next time you drive-bye.


Doña Junta

8 thoughts on “Photos from around the way

  1. La Esquinita has excellent food; I particularly like their carnitas. Best I’ve had in Los Angeles.

  2. I tried La Esquinita once a few years ago. The HRs were sub par but they may have improved lately IDK. One thing I found annoying is that it’s called La Esquinita and it’s in the middle of the block.

  3. I know where that little house is, I love it how they managed to survive despite the freeway and the mega apartments around them. Nice photos!

  4. @ Al haha I did wonder why they were called LA Esquinita and they were in the middle of the block too? hmmm

    That is sad about the kid getting shot on that corner gessh I had no idea it was that close to me.

  5. La Esquinita is pretty decent. The people that run it are great. The man who I assume owns it and is always cooking never fails to greet you with a huge smile. I’m always happy to give them business.

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