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  1. Already? Sooo snazzy! Has there been a re-vamping of local police stations or something? I will snap pictures of the re-newed Harbor Division Police Station soon and post it. It has super neat landscaping, a towering sculpture that looks like a NASA antennae, lol, and like the Hollenbeck (mmmmm, Hollenbeck burrito! – okay back on track) station, it features glass window walls and such. A continuaciones 🙂

  2. The Hollenbeck antenna tower is an insult to the community. Why such a massive tower for little antennas?

  3. Can we get the history and photos of the old police station? You know the smallest police station in the world with no parking so the cops had to park in the middle of the street? Come on I want to know lol.

  4. Don Cheto,

    The money for this got put in a while back.

    I think the building is a future eyesore/monument to 20th century “Fuck You” modernism. You know, buildings that are designed to tell people “Fuck You, we don’t care about your needs, history, culture, heritage, etc. We’ve got the oil and the guns and we do what we want”

    A great example of this is the Bomb Squad building on Main Street across the street from the Brewery in Lincoln Heights. Now we can add Hollenbeck PD Station to that list.

  5. That new building is UGLY, UGLY, yes I realize they need to upgrade technologically, yet that design on the front looks cheezy, and cheap!! It’s a bad attempt at “art”!!, to say the least.Also, where it says “Police” the letter “P” AND the letter “O” are not lined up correctly, adding to the amateur look of the place.

  6. come on people. stop complaint about the area of Hollenbeck Police station. This new building are look alike new model. they trying somethings different but dont complaint about it, if u are then go to see Gloria Molina she the one handle this area i think? check out with city hall. not blame to anyone. go to see to City Hall simple
    god bless their job so wonderful building look nice, just new model that s all
    people who left comment, dont using bad word. okay be manner and polite, dont act childish.

  7. This one looks nice but the old building on St. Louis/1st had so much more character. Does anyone (bloggers who work for the city perhaps?) know what’s happening with the satellite Hollenbeck station on the other side of the fwy next to the morturary? or if Benjamin Franklin library will get a similar renovation?

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