Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!

Uh Oh! If Mexico is on the shit list of the paranoid conspiracy theorists can the LA Eastside, which is considered the capital of all things Mexican in the USA, be on the shit-list too?

I don’t know about youse guys but mañana all my bacon, Jimmy Dean sausage, chorizo de puerco, carnitas, chicharrones, and even the head cheese and morcilla that I got from the matanza this last winter, is going to be fed to the dogs or given away to the winito’s down on the corner.

It’s starting to look like a holy jihad or a fatwa against anything resembling or having to do with Mexican. Shit it’s bad enough that Gloria Molina has got the anti Mexican forces all in a foam about the “Edward Roybal, Linea de Oro” , last thing we on the Eastside would want is the Rush Limbaugh shock troops campaigning for a total quarantine on the LA Eastside over this Marano flu.
Those culero’s might think we’re part of the “reconquista plot” to take back the southwest. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

WATCH: Conservative Media Claim Swine Flu A Mexican Plot To Bring Down U.S.
From Jason Linkins in the Huffington Post:

As near as anyone knows, the recent outbreaks of swine flu in the United States have been the result of Americans, returning to America, from Mexico, to where they live, in America. This makes a certain sense — the larger outbreak is in Mexico, American tourists often travel to Mexico, most prefer to return home at some point. On the other hand, however, the swine flu might actually be THE NEXT WAVE OF THE RECONQUISTA, SOUND THE ALARMS!

11 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!

  1. My wife had to ban me from paying attnetion to the minuteman crowd as it worked my blood up too much. I got so far as being put up to debate one of them at Cal Poly during a heated immigration discussion where I obliterated the bow tie wearing sucker trying to condemn illegals, he even tried to get personal when I creamed him with facts.

    Anyways, i try my best to avoid those fools unless I want a good laugh. I think racism is actually pretty funny when you dont look at the negative consequences it had on its victims (and being a umpteenth generation victim I have the right to do so), because it makes the culprits look so freaken ignorant and stupid you have to laugh. Watch the video “ethnic notions” and dont tell me the old racist minstrel stuff doesnt make racist white america seem so asinine and paleolithic you have to giggle. Same with these minutemen and their reconquista idiocy, they make themselves look like plain fools. It is sad that more whites dont dismiss them or aid in protesting them, because they really are a bad sterotype run amok.

    Not too long ago I was driving thru Pasa and a saw a group of these geriatric racists protesting something or other so i drove by a few times to let off some steam and harass them. I initially began with a few pases where I honked and flipped them off and told them this is my land (I aint tongva but I am yaqui and thats good enough in this context). Then one of them tried to jump in front of my car and hit it as I waited at the light so I almost got out of my car and scared the bejeezus out of him, told him to confront me and he pied out. I then stopped and told them all off: they were all old and will die unhappy and miserable and that their cause is dying and that is why no youngsters were present, all their grandkids will be named jose and maria becuase their kids will inevitably run to the taboo they whine about, that this is my country and they are ignorant of its history if they think the brown fuel that runs it is somehow a threat or negative, that their notions of mexicans having a negative impact are based on lies and i cited valid state reports that contradict their rhetoric, that they ate food and are picketing an office run by mexicans, they live in houses built by mexicans and thier car was fixed be mexicans. I also told them how no Latinos are pathetic enough to care about them as much as they do us, got the nearby bus boys and valets to join in chanting viva la raza and felt a lot less stressed that day.

    I avoid ramping myself up usually, but this time it was productive as i empowered some busboys.

  2. I’ve been conspiracy-izing that this latest flu was some event by drug companies (aka the legitimate drug dealers) trying to scare world governments into buying their product. Plus, what better way to put Mexican and pig in the same sentence?

  3. Whenever I drive by an assemblage of these “geriatric racists” protesting on the sidewalk, I’ll stick my neck out as far as it will go and shout out “COMMUNISTS!!” as loud as I can. The simple shock factor of this unanticipated, and out of the blue holler gives everyone around _them_ a good healthy laugh. Way, way too much of the GOP is a Jurassic Park with dinos behind high-voltage fences powered by Mexican immigration induced fear. Favorably its a dying breed, just like the Oldsmobile and Pontiac. Que siga y viva mi gente~

  4. Only ‘swine flu’ death outside of the Mexico City area was an infant in Houston. I’d hate to trivialize the poor kid and his family, but infants do die from the flu sometimes. The paranoid racists can make what they want of this (and they have, as DQ pointed out), but it’s obvious to me that Tamiflu has a racket going here. Just about every news story involving this mentions Tamiflu at least once. While there is something real in the form of a virus or bacteria devastating the Mexico City area, the media circus around this is nothing short of a freakin’ commercial for Tamiflu! American ERs are filling up with people whose temperatures have barely even hit 100, thinking if they don’t get this Tamiflu, they’ll die. Jackpot… As far as the severity of this around Mexico City, I’m guessing there’s another virus or bacteria coupled with the so called “swine flu” down there. I could be wrong, and this thing could start getting ugly, but it’s been a week and I just don’t see the fatality rate outside of this virus’s epicenter, Mexico City, to really consider this a threat to humanity worldwide. As far as the know nothings using this to promote a fear of Mexicans, what will they think of next? This is just another chapter in their sad book. They’re losing their country (good thing, it never was theirs to begin with), they’re losing their political ground, they’re losing moderates, by the second, they’ve lost their minds years ago, when their self perceived crusade began. If Americans gave half the shit about immigration as they did, Republicans would control the house and senate, and Sarah Palin would have done her American Chopper segment from the White House.

  5. Boston radio host suspended for comments about Mexican immigrants…
    A fiery right wing talk show host on Boston’s WTKK-FM radio station, was suspended yesterday after calling Mexican immigrants “criminaliens,” “primitives,” “leeches,” and exporters of “women with mustaches and VD,” among other incendiary comments.

  6. Good points all, Thanks, remember when Bush was trying to shove the flu shots and anthrax antidote injections up our collective ass’s? Then we find out that he, Rumsfeld, and the rest of his crony’s are totally hooked up with the pharmaceutical company’s, Roche et al.
    It’s a shame that when people are sick and in need of attention and proper medical care that the suspicion would arise that some evil motherfucker’s are going to make billions off it.
    And anyone ignorant enough of history to call someone paranoid over this latest virus needs a head check. From at least the time of Manifest Destiny and supplying Native Americans with blankets contaminated with small pox and measles, not to mention the firewater supplied, to experiments with virus’s on Filipinos during the takeover there, germ warfare experiments on African Americans contaminated and left untreated with syphilis, bullshitting even the American public about the non threat of nuclear fallout in Nevada and Utah, Agent Orange dropped on Southeast Asia during the Vietnam conflict that has many parts of those areas a complete wasteland to this day, the CIA spraying of a swine flu virus on Cuba in the 1970’s, CIA doping suspected Commie sympathizers in Europe and the USA with LSD, American military personnel who suffer the effects of nerve gas use in the first Iraq war, the denial, then coming clean, of the use of torture on prisoners during the current Iraq war and on and on.
    It’s not much of a stretch to imagine some evil cocksuckers taking a lab engineered virus and contaminating a poor country like Mexico. The question is, if it is so then why?
    Avian and swine flu’s always begin in China and Asia why now Mexico?

    And thanks for the thoughtful reaction to those confused racists Art, don’t ever let your guard down with those knuckleheads and always call them out for the pinheads they are.

  7. When I first heard of the current swine flu scare, my immediate thought was that the authorities (and their media lackeys) were latching on to the situation to increase the fear factor that keeps people dependent on the ruling institutions. I picked up a newspaper on April 30 to get the actual statistics. Keeping in mind that there are currently somewhere between 6 and 6 and a half billion people on the planet, the statistics were interesting. As of that morning, there had only been 9 confirmed deaths from swine flu world-wide, with another 160 suspected (but not confirmed). Of this total, all but one were in Mexico. In addition, there were only 246 confirmed cases of swine flu world-wide at the time with another 2498 cases suspected, again, almost all in Mexico. If the suspected cases are confirmed, this would indicate that Mexico may have a genuine epidemic to deal with, but again, considering how these numbers compare to the world population, talk of a pandemic is simply fear-mongering, one of the most common ploys that those in power use to keep us in line.

  8. Death toll is now at 19. This is the first pandemic where the death toll is actually dropping.

  9. And the Lou Dobbs and Rush Limburger, Minutemen, Micheal Savage, haters wouldn’t let this opportunity for anti Mexican propaganda slip from their slimy fingers. They’re pushing for this “pandemic” to be referred to as “The Mexican Pig Flu, The illegal alien pandemic, The Brown Epidemic, and other such sundry labels.
    Circle the wagons again, it’s the Aztecs this time!

  10. It’s slipped away, DQ. The know nothings are moving on to their next scare tactic. Even Drudge is backing off of this, and he was all over it. Like 20 headlines. Drudge thought a global flu pandemic was almost as important as Bill Clinton having an affair.

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