Highland Park farmers market


So I run into Victoria K. at the library during my super, duper, amazing spring break and we decide to kick it old school at a coffee house in Highland Park. We make pit stops at our pads and make our way over there. I see the farmers market and I tell V to go with me and check it out. These are the pictures that came about from that frolic. I ended up running into artist Sonia Romero and her cohort Tina Rodas, who decided to post up at the market that day to promote this weekends show at Avenue 50. Needless to say it was a great time all around and it was really close to with the metro stop being right in front of it. The market is held every Tuesday from 3 to 8 p.m.

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4 thoughts on “Highland Park farmers market

  1. Deep in my heart, I will always hold dear the Google Map and phone calls I put in to Ed Reyes’ office and Misty Iwatsu to get the market out of the damn parking lot it was stuck in and into the street where it belongs!

    I had very little to do with the move, really, but my tiny role makes me feel proud every time I see that market doing its thing every Tuesday night.

    Here is the Google Map I made at the time:

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