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Hello and howdy to all my new friends at Los Angeles Eastside. I’m a new writer here,  just moved to L.A. (to the Eastside, of course) from my hometown of Tucson, Arizona. I’m hoping, I suppose like many, to break into the entertainment industry (more on that later) but for now, I figured it would be a good idea to give a brief introduction about myself and what I hope to contribute to this site.

Before moving to Los Angeles, I heard a lot of buzz about the Eastside and how it was the happening place to be. Bars, bands and fun nightlife are definitely my kind of thing and isn’t that why people move to a big city anyways? I want to share my experiences of the Eastside through the eyes of a newcomer. For instance, I love the band Little Joy (c’mon who didn’t listen to The Strokes album 20 times in a row?) and now I’ll finally be able to visit this Eastside institution. Save a case of PBR for me Eastsiders!

In Tucson I was heavy into the music scene, my friends would joke that I was at Club Congress so much I might as well take a permanent room there. So you can imagine how thrilled I am now that I have The Echo right in my backyard. I mean, how awesome is that? Tonight you can find me at the No Culture event, Mr Cobrasnake I’m ready for my close-up.

But The Eastside is not just Echo Park, right? Silver Lake is so awesome too! Last week I just had my first Intelligentsia coffee and oh my god, so delish! In fact, I think I’m going to make this my new daily spot. Look for me, I’ll be the cute girl on the laptop. I can’t wait to visit other Eastside fun spots in Los Feliz and Hollywood (the bars, right???). I need to check back through the archives here at Los Angeles Eastside, I’m sure there are tons of cool places to check out. So my question to you all is, what is your favorite thing to do on the Eastside? Bars, restaurants or how about that surreal Time Travel Store? And another thing, why is the Mexican food here so weird? Just teasing, I’m sure I’ll get used to the food. After a few margaritas who cares, right?

Also, just want to thank Los Angeles Eastside editor Chimalti for giving me the opportunity to write for this site. We met about a year ago when she was in Tucson doing some genealogical research and staying at Hotel Congress (my fav place). She’s taking a chance on this newbie Los Angeles Eastsider and I hope not to disappoint! Who knows, maybe I’ll be famous on the internet, right?

Kayla McDougal-Villalobos

22 thoughts on “Hello Eastside

  1. “Mr Cobrasnake I’m ready for my close-up.”

    No doubt wearing something my grandma wore in 1986.

    This is hilarious, happy pendejos day.

  2. Are you serious??? Come on, is this some kind of April fools joke?? Go back to Arizona!! There’s too many of you wanna be “hipsters” here!!

  3. You made the right choice! Theyre going to be opening a couple Trader Joe’s and Bristol Farms soon so dont worry, the Eastside will be perfect soon.

  4. Hey, I consider Rosemead the East Side. Used to stay at the Motel 6 at the 60 fwy and San Gabriel blvd. one night a week when I took a film class at LACC. I was too scared to stay in any motel near the school, which is in a charming little neighborhood between downtown and Hollywood that the press would refer to as “the Rampart”, yet I never actually went anywhere in the real east side, either, meaning East LA proper and BH. I would drive through. Used to love taking San Gabriel blvd over the hill into Montebello, then hit a right on Whittier. I’d take Whittier all the way into downtown. Taking San Gabriel blvd. over that hill was something else at night, too. Nice view of all the lights going over that hill. I’d go to Rio’s pizza in that complex on the corner of San Gabriel and I think Beverly. A bunch of teenagers hanging out there, and they played nothing but oldies on the jukebox. This was like 2002! Kids listening to oldies…in ’02? Is it safe to say that LA might be the only place anymore where you’d see this? So, I guess that was sort of MY east side. I can’t make fun of anyone for calling a place the east side when it might not actually be….

  5. Uh oh…I just realized the date today. Well, I feel like a sucker. Then again, I feel like one everyday…

  6. Obviously you aren’t native Angelinos Kayla McDougal-Villalobos and ubrayj02 or you would know where the true Eastside is located at!!! It sure isn’t located “west” of downtown!!!

  7. Hello? April Fool’s Day was yesterday. Glad this fake person was so authentic!

  8. True or not, I’m just doing my part to help set the record straight!!! Who knows what these “hipsters” will think of next!!! East Los Por Vida!!!!

  9. April Fool’s is gone and passed and who’s the biggest fool at last?
    Every post yesterday (April 1st) was part the LA Eastside April Fool’s joke-post bonanza. Hope you all enjoyed it!
    There is no Kayla McDougal-Villatoro although people mighty similar to her can easily be found at select shows at The Echo and singing Don’t Stop Believing at The Gold Room.

  10. HHHHHMMMMM!!!! Well you got me on that, I stand corrected, yes you all did a great prank!!! Yes you too ubrayj02!!! Those comments resemble the attitudes of these wanna be “hipsters” out there!!! You just never know now a day’s!!! But, I’m here to help fight for the true Eastside!!! I got ya backs!!!

  11. Glad to hear you got our back fregozicurse (which means what?). We may call on you one day…hahaha! No but seriously, we need more folks out there reminding others that the real Eastside is east of the river.

  12. Yes, sorry again for my pendejoness, I’m new to this site!! I love it now!! Yes I am spreading the word about this issue and I show all my friends that dumb map they promote over on their end!! What a joke!! BTW the name has no meaning, just my favorite episode of The Munsters!!! It’s my Ebay user name too!!!;)

  13. Delilah’s has some bad ass red velvet cake, those eastside bakeries are the best!!!

    I love the eastside

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