El Mercadito


Part of my super, duper, amazing spring break series of post, I stopped by the Mercadito to do what I do best and that’s work son. There’s more than 90 pictures coming at ya so sit down and relax for this one. It wasn’t easy, but I consider this post one of my greatest photo essays to date, not to brag or anything. I knew El Mercadito would be a challenge to shoot, by I went, I saw and I shot. Here’s a post Chavo did a while back ago for some other site. Hmm… looks like there’s a new kid in town eh Chavo ?? 😛 FYI I’m working on a separate post about it’s history and the people there coming soon.
~ This post was made possible in part by the EL Random Hero Scholarship Fund. ~

8 thoughts on “El Mercadito

  1. Hello! Long time reader, first time commentator. RH, these are cool! I remember as a child the meat counter with all the different cuts of beef, pork, etc. They’d have the pig’s tail, hoofs, ears, etc-I used think you could assemble your own puerco like Frankenstein! Do they still have that?

  2. So you want to have a photo-ese throwdown, eh? This is a good solid landing, pero ya veremos esquincle, your seniors have some shots left! 😉

    I see you have a baby shoe fetish. Wassup with dat? Jaja!

  3. Those ostrich leather America and Chivas hats are V-I-C-I-O-U-S.
    Those cinto pitiados in the glass display are damn boutique status…what are they going for, $400-500?

    A brotha like me needs to step up his belt game.

  4. toni – “long time reader, first time commentator” reminds me of the tom leykis show
    back when i worked at this mag that’s what we HAD to listen to everyday.

    El Chavo vs. El Random Hero!!! CHAAAALLLLEEEENGE!!!
    When does the battle start?

  5. It’s on camaron !!!! I am officially throwing down the gauntlet vato. Your time is coming Chavo hahah. Trucha. And the little tiny, itty, bitty baby shoes are soooo cuuuteeee I just couldn’t help myself.

  6. Super nice pics, Random! Didn’t the folks in there give you the evil eye when you were snapping away? Or are you too cool for school? I mean, in 90s slang, you’re all that and a bag chips?

  7. you know it C !!!! I’m like a bag of hot Cheetos with chile and limon. Bad for you, but you still want me haha. I will admit that I contacted the powers that be at the Mercadito and asked before hand about taking pictures. The owners daughter was very nice, but was questioning my reason for the pictures. As for the people, I just simply turned on my charm, buttered them up and ask politely, in spanish of course. That and I was wearing my school press pass heheheheh ;-)There WAS this only on the 2nd floor who was REALLY hesitant about letting me take pics of her stand, but I sweet talked her and she let me go crazy. What can I say, I can turn on the charm when I need to.

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