A Moment of Comfort


After one year of L.A. EASTSIDE doing it’s thing, some of us here have not failed to notice the painful disappointment we have created among certain Right Wing detractors out there.

Yes, your hate mail has been received and noted.

I usually don’t take much regard of this small group of individuals and their rants, I always have better things to do. But today’s their lucky day!

With this blog, I’m proud to have the opportunity to help break some stereotypes on a daily basis. I realize that this may not sit well with some folks, and I realize that for them, nothing can be more infuriating than groups of people that don’t know their place in a conservative interpretation of America. Yes, we have dared to challenge, to question and to speak with equality. Over our history, we have fought to remove oppressive boots from the back of our necks on many figurative levels. And, we will continue to do so. Like Jack says, if were saying anything that’s not true, do something about it!


In my own way, I will now provide to these paranoid detractors, some nostalgic images to bring back some of that non-threatening comfort zone that Mexican culture used to provide, at least for a few seconds, anyway. You’re welcome, Señores! Enjoy! And when you’re done, turn out the lights and don’t let the screen door hit you on the nálgas, Cabrónes!





..And here’s a clip from the Golden Age of television to help those of you who want to remember the good ol’ days!


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Al Guerrero, Artist/Humorist. Los Angeles, CA. Born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and raised in East Los Angeles from the age of two, Al Guerrero grew up just steps from the famous Chicano strip, Whittier Boulevard. His youth experiences include witnessing and participating in the 1970 Chicano Power demonstrations, cruising cars on Whittier Boulevard, and graduating from Garfield High School. After dropping out of UCLA (with honors), he drew upon his lifelong passion for art and cartooning and pursued a career in graphic arts. During this period, he traveled overseas and found artistic inspiration from the masterworks he discovered within the European Art Museums. His career blossomed when he was eventually hired by the Walt Disney Company in 1995, where he worked as a creative artist for a number of years. Although the artistic work was rewarding, he eventually grew weary & disillusioned with the bureaucracy of the entertainment business, and left to work briefly in the educational field. His credits include producing a feature film with actor, Conrad Brooks of Ed Wood fame, founding and performing with the Punk Rock group “The Psychocats” at numerous L.A. & Hollywood venues during the 1990’s, and in 1999 he founded and created a hell-bent puppet cabaret show aptly named: “The Puppets from Hell”. As a long time active member of the Los Angeles Cacophony Society, Al “Quaeda”, as he was known, was involved in countless Cacophony Society pranks and events throughout the city. He also produced the “Incredibly Strange Cinema” cult film series as well as themed events such as the now infamous “Pornothon Movie Nights” and the satirical “Mexican Night: Noche De Tequila & Putas” shows at local nightclub venues. Throughout his art career, he has exhibited his canvas paintings at various local galleries, and has also written & illustrated numerous comic strips and Graphic Novel stories. Today, he lives in Silver Lake, California and works as a freelance artist and writer with numerous multi-media projects under his belt and in the works. His personal hobbies include collecting vintage toys and comic books, cinema history and Los Angeles City history. Contact: alguerrero@earthlink.net Al Guerrero P.O. Box 29697 Los Angeles, CA 90029-0697 www.alguerrero.com Myspace.com/thepuppetsfromhell

11 thoughts on “A Moment of Comfort

  1. I wouldn’t know about this blog if it weren’t for a right wing, Spanglish slanging, self proclaimed Chicano bitching about it at another blog. He called you guys a bunch of “whiny liberals”. LOL. Anyhow, glad he brought it up though because I enjoy this blog and check it daily, now. All buzz is good buzz…

  2. Rob, bro (I know this pisses of Chavo), link! If you don’t want to put it up for everyone to read, send it to me via my contact page at my blog.

  3. LOL! Al where did you find that Adam 12 film? Man that is some cliche riddled Frito Bandido tripa’s, even for the 60’s it was crude. Now I’m so pumped I’m going searching for remants of the Real McCoy TV program with that right wing wacko Walter Brenan yelling at the house mouse Mexican, Pepito, “Pepito you gall darn Mexican jumping bean, you put the chicken feed into the oats that daisy the milk cow uses!

  4. I work for the State and they used the third picture of the Mexicanito with the Menu sign and Martini on our building’s cafeteria menu.

    I was obviously offended. I emailed our EEO and they took it down right away.

    We should’ve sued them…

  5. There is a long history on the web of publicizing your worst hate mail. If you’ve got some batshit crazy gems tucked away in your inbox, don’t be shy! The LOLs are well worth the price of publicizing a maniac’s rant.

  6. soledadenmasa, yes, it’s BITH, particularly a regular commenter there. It was in a comments section from a couple of months ago. I’ll try and find it, and post it here.

  7. I wish we still had sitcoms on english language television where the cast were latino like the George Lopez show.

  8. Don Q,
    That episode is on the DVD box set of Adam-12 Season One. I love watching those old episodes along with the Jack Webb DRAGNET TV shows because you catch glimpses of old 60’s L.A. in the background. On Adam-12 they’d show a lot of exterior shots from around the old Temple/Rampart Police station back when it was mostly white people on the streets! Imagine that!

    BTW- The Mexican(?) actor with the big sombrero who played “Pepe” is billed in the credits as:
    “Speedy Zapata”.

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