Valentine’s Day Nopales

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“Valentine’s Day Nopales” or maybe not! but since that so called special is coming up why not pretend they are “Valentine’s Day Nopales”. Forget all those fake expensive dinners, long lines, cheesy teddy bears and over priced flowers. I personally do not care much about Valentine’s Day but on the other hand my honey Raul (whom I been with for five years) does care about Valentine’s Day. I told him he could stop worrying about that day a few years back and that I don’t need any of the commercialism of Valentine’s Day. He still would insist we do something, so to make him happy we just cook a small dinner together.
For those planning making dinner or something Valentine’s Day or any day try this recipe I  got  from a good friend who loves nopales and has many  really good recipes using nopales.

Ghetto recipe or shall I say receta geto for nopales. (meaning leaving out all the exact measurements – you know how me Mexicans do)


– about 4 – 6 bright green medium to grande Nopales
– 1 or 2 bright red tomatoes – depends on tastes
– 1 or 2 white onions or red onions – depends on taste
– garlic
– cilantro
– lemons
– salt
– pepper if wish

Take Nopales and cut off all spinas – you can handle Nopales with a nice thick toallita so you wont POKE yourself. Once all thorns are removed, lava los Nopales thoroughly and place them in a large pot con agua. Add half of a cebolla, a garlic clove and a bit of salt. Boil for about an 1 – 1 1/2 horas occasionally removing water and replacing with new water. (cactus can get a little slimy and this helps reduce slime). Mientras hierven. Take remaining cebollas and dice or slice. Dice also tomatoes and remove and squeeze out all seeds and most of the jugo (not all). Place in large bowl and add limon.

When Nopales are ready they should be a darkish/dull green and also tender. Remove water and let them cool outside on a plato. Once cooled, slice in thin strips and add limon and a little bit of salt. Let sit for about 15 minutes and then add to cebollas and tomatoes and mix. Slice cilantro in bit pieces and add, mezclando all together adding limon and salt al gusto. Be careful adding salt, nopales can appear saltier later. Add pepper if want – just a little though

Let sit for about 10 minutos and then remove most of the jugo de limon. Chill and serve with tortillas for some fresh healthy tacos or even make them con huevos and quesito in the morning and maybe some re-fried beans.

Shout-out to Prescupio Caralampio Ramirez de la Torre for the great recipe thanks!

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Nopales

  1. damn – that sounds good…ima run to the store to get some nopales…thanks Doña Junta. Ima make some of these for my honey whom I have been for……oh wait – i aint got one…

  2. Galo,

    Heck no homie you got all the girl’s sporting the ” I love Galo” baby tee’s I am sure you can cook the recipe up for one of them girl’s lol haha

  3. I’m not sure if my bf would like nopales.

    Btw, I love enselada de nopales as a side con carne asada. Ummm. Y con huevo también.

  4. Tacos el Corita on Olympic and Herbert offers nopalitos for your tacos 😉 and freshly made tortillas too!!!!!!!

    That’s my paisa

  5. Hola Dona Junta!
    I have never heard about changing the water to reduce las babas, but it certainly makes sense. La ensalada looks fantastica. Have you ever tried frying the nopales with onion, garlic and chile? It tastes great!

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