La Crisis. Solutions.

Al put up this little post before the New Year on Max Romeau a person who is a real estate agent with a twist. He matches people without homes to foreclosed homes. I thought it was such an awesome thing, so I decided to do some investigation.

Max is part of organization called Take Back the Land.

Here’s a video with Max explaining his purpose.

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2 thoughts on “La Crisis. Solutions.

  1. this guy is a real hero.

    we need to get talking more about solutions to the crisis. these corporate/bank/business bailouts are failing. it’s like money down a well.

    if we’re going to demand jobs for the unemployed, how about we spend the money to build apartments and services for the homeless and those most in need?

  2. It’s so amazing. To see someone actually doing something real.

    The homeless problem in LA is getting out of control and it doesn’t need to be. We have empty apartments. I’m looking at an empty building right now. I see empty buildings and open houses all over the place. Why has housing becoming this thing to make money off of? I mean understand it in the immediate sense, but really why. Why do we have to have 500k houses? Why do have have to have 1500k per month apartments? People are spending so much money just to keep a roof over their head. It’s just cruel and maddening.

    And to me making houses for the homeless that would be some green employment.


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