The Brewery, La Mano Press, City Hall. Walking in L.A.

A special van.

A special van.

Every year I go to the Brewery. It’s an automatic pilot type thing. I have very few traditions. In fact I have only two traditions. I go to the Hollywood Christmas Parade every year (if I’m in Los Angeles) and I go the Brewery Art Walk. I’ve been going to both of these events longer than I can remember. I’m so obsessed with them that I will actually go by myself. I remember two years ago I couldn’t trick anyone to come with me to the crappy Hollywood Christmas Parade, even my boyfriend refused to do it, “It’s lame why do you do this every year.”

Often the trip to the Brewery starts off at a bar.

This year the trip to the Brewery started off as a walk.

BusTard and I walked from 5th and Main to the Brewery. I think we took 6th Street and somehow ended up on Mission and then we got to Main where we shared a gigantic burrito at some place on the eastside of the freeway, I think it was the 5, I don’t drive, so I don’t know.

I didn’t realize I was on Mission, but I ran into some friends at the Brewery and I laughed about a place that was for rent on a street by the freeway by the newly built East LA High School and it looked all cool and things and if you looked at it via google streets you would think, “Wow this is a great deal.”

This cool place is next door to a place that manufactures hot sauce. And it’s pretty strong, it’s eye burning strong. It feels like the soft tissue on your face is being raped with cayenne pepper as you walk around the vicinity of the building.

It burns!!!!

It burns!!!!

After my description of the hot sauce aroma my friend explained that I was on Mission, because she had walked by there too. It’s pretty unforgettable.

Leaving the Brewery after having a delightful time chatting with old friends and liking the more down home vibe it has now. I came upon La Mano Press. I knew of them. I had admired them via the electronic world for sometime, so to accidentally run into their art space while walking back from the Artwalk was a real treat.

At one point the Brewery Artwalk was getting annoyingly big and I don’t think the bigness of it was helping people sell more art. It’s a hard mix with art. You want it to be fun, but you want people to understand this is how you make your living and it’s not just about the free wine. It’s about the art.

I was attracted to La Mano Press by the painted motor vehicle parked in the front. I know I’m all anti car, but this was an artful car.

La Mano Press on 1749 N Main

La Mano Press on 1749 N Main



On November 15 La Mano Press is having a release party for their moving mobil mural. It’s 7-9pm.  And it’s raising money to support this traveling endeavor.

On the way back home I ran into some yes on 8 people. It sort of reminded me of a Nazi rally.  I wasn’t too off on my feelings, because on my way home I saw a swastika and some “f*ck f*gs” graffiti.

It’s weird the many facets of LA you in see in one day if you don’t have a car.

by Browne Molyneux

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2 thoughts on “The Brewery, La Mano Press, City Hall. Walking in L.A.

  1. “It feels like the soft tissue on your face is being raped with cayenne pepper as you walk around the vicinity of the building.”

    Hahahah yeah that’s a good description of that horrible smell. Plus I share your love for La Mano Press. A while back I had one of their custom decks that was limited to 100. It was a Dia de los Muertos inspired superman. I loved that board because people always gave me props, but unfortunately it was stolen from the place I live. 🙁

  2. great post! I always make walks an adventure as well…I love El Pato with papas and carne molida yum lol but I don’t think I would want to live next to that smell daily lol

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