Where’s the gig @ ????

I feel old whenever I see kids coming out of gigs, dance parties and kick backs now adays. I remember when I was part of that scene. Hanging out with friends kicking back and getting crazy in the pit. I reframed from drinking 40s or getting high because its not my thing, but that didn’t stop everyone else. On a good night I would end up going home smelling of beer and weed still laughing at all the stupid shit we saw or did while at the show.

People getting into fights, puking and just having a grand old time. However the times they are a changing. The kids going out these days are still going out to have a good time and enjoy themselves with friends. They drink and smoke but there are more and more of them huffing paint and inhaling nos. Why ? you got me. They just do. Not only are they getting high with different chemicals, they have also lost all of their verguenza because I hear all these crazy stories about kids having sex at these parties. And not in the corner or inside a car, I mean out in front of everyone sometimes even on the dance floor. The average age of the kids going to these shows is 15-16. Kids will be kids and I remember what it was like to be like that but I don’t think I would go as far as having sex in public at such a young age. 

Thus I have enlisted the help of one of these crazy kids and and have asked her to contribute to my post. I have asked her because I have had multiple conversations with her about what goes on at these parties and the stuff she does. She goes to have fun and hang out with friends and like me is pretty straight because her mom would go crazy with the chancla if she got out of hand. Her friends are a different story all together. 

heyyy theree ma name be ashleyy foo! im from sum party krew called the freaks posse. i stay in east LA. im a pretty chill person to b wit. i like to tlk alot. most things yew will find me on is my ipod n phone txtn. im down fer anything tht cums ma way. im the type of person tht dont like being around drama, i think its a waste of time. i like to go out n have fun. i dislike being bored even though i have days like those. basically thts all yew need to knoe bout me. im giving a shout out to all the homies tht been there fer me in the bad and goood! PEACE outtt!<3

(During the Q & A, she was on the phone with her boyfriend and listening to her Ipod. She’s good at multitasking.)

What’s the difference between a dance party, a gig and a kick back ?

~a dance party is where yew will see most emos n scene kids dancing, a gig is mostly a bunch of punks mosh pitting, and a kick bak is teenagers justt drunkiing n chiilling. 

Why do you like going to dance parties ?

~ i like dance parties cos i like to chill n dance my ass off!

What does your mom,dad and bothers tell you about going to these parties ?

~they tell me i shouldnt be at those parties fer ma age n tht there dangerous.

What kind of stuff happens at the parties that they think it’s too dangerous for you to be there ?

~people get drunk, there are fights, n yew can actually die.

Is it because there’s gangsters there or what ?

~yes there are alot of gangs there and sometimes they like to start shit just cos one did eye contact with the other.

Besides drinking 40s and smoking weed what else do people do at the parties /

~people do roll on extasy, have sex and maybe chicks will get on the roof n flash everyone.

Where do they have sex ? 

~haha wherever they have the space to do it.

So they do it in front of everyone ? don’t they think about what they’re doing or what people will say about them ?

~haha they dont care since they are very drunk n they dont knoe wht they are doing.

have you gotten that crazy at parties ? your friends ? 

~eww hell naw im not a stupid kid like tht, yaa i seen summ of the homies get down. 

what do you tell them when they do things like that ?

~i dont tell them anything, wht ever they do is cos they chose to do it. 

what about nos ? do people get all crazy doing it ? 

~ya people go all crazy n fall to the ground like sillykidss!

What’s are some of the worse/crazy ass things you have seen at dance parties  ?

~i have seen people get down in fights, a guy pop 40Z n my friend n i ended up soaked in beer, girls flash, people overdose.

When are you too old to go to dance parties ?

~i would say like 21 thts wen yew get to go clubbingg and grow out of all the street parties.

Would you let your kids go to a dance party knowing what happens at these parties ?

~depends who they are going wit and knowing my kid knows how to act wen i aint around.

Will you ever stop going to dance parties ?

~haha i dont think so, i think its juss a part of life every kid like me likes to do.

6 thoughts on “Where’s the gig @ ????

  1. omg you took the words right out of my mouth. Times sure are different now compared to when I was a teenager. Shit the worse thing that you would see back in my day people making out at the drive-in’s, then after they tore all those down, you would see kids making out in the mall or the movie theaters…wow times have changed!

  2. Thanks for this post! It seems like every generation has their choice drugs.
    I guess the kids seem kinda crazy but there’s always been crazy acting teenagers. The particularly sad thing about this generation are the gangs that like shoot into backyard parties.

  3. We are so proud of our latino youth and the future parents and leaders of our nation. The LAUSD is doing such a wondeful job of educating or youth in the finer points of the written word.

    I am so glad these kids “its juss a part of life”

  4. que locos is right, i was thinking about it and it scares me. I have a 4 year old and im trying to give him the best education possible. i know that the school system is falling apart and as a parent that scares me. If this is going on right now imagine what we are going to confront in 10 more years. Kids now in days are just plain dumb, all this video games and tv shows are sucking their lives away. I’ve heard people call this the Technology Generation, but i dunno if thats a good thing, we are becoming more and more dependent in machines and filling our heads with useless information. Smoking weed has become such a trend and drinking is part of any teenagers life. I grew up doing all this shit too, the difference is that i grew out of it, but most people never do.

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