I ran into this interesting memorial near an auto graveyard (aka) junkyard. It was kind of ironic to see this kind of loss in- between the corrugated fences, metal scraps and broken fenders of cars ready to be buried as well.

Apparently the man who passed was named “Tim” a silver sharpie stood in a jar just in case one wanted to write a good-bye message for him on the fence; most messages where dated 2006 so that must of been around when he passed. Who knows why he died or what kind of man he was, but at least his little memorial has stood its ground amidst the dust and debris.

Out of respect I wrote him a little message as well.

Peace Tim

4 thoughts on “Tim

  1. As I’d walk to high school, I would always pass a small memorial of an 18-year-old who had died just one year before (in 2006). The memorial consisted of a framed picture reclining against a cush and large candle that seemed had only been lit once. The only time I saw the picture knocked down I picked it up because I didn’t think anyone else would do it or even passed by it.

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