Summer ’08 List to Accomplish

I came to the sad realization today that I don’t have any big plans for the summer, or at least none worthy of going on a list. But after finding this note above, apparently written by a dreamy-eyed teenage girl, I think I might jot down a few things of my own to do in the weeks ahead. Click over to see the exciting conclusion to this found note!

(Click on pic for a larger version.)

Umm, I think I’ll pass on the brazilian this year, and I’ve already made my own dress. Otherwise, it’s almost as if she knows me, you know? What are you all doing this Summer?

18 thoughts on “Summer ’08 List to Accomplish

  1. Skinny dip? Is that like a fat free Ranch or Thousand Island dressing?

    I’m gonna get my driver’s license! And then I won’t drive.

  2. wow, that’s hardcore.

    hey I have a group blogger project: Why don’t we all print out this list, and then meet up on Labor Day, and whoever has the most items checked off, wins, like, I don’t know, something. A poodle maybe.

  3. Find a summer love, make out with a boy I love at the beach at night, spin the bottle. Sounds like that girl’s a slut to me.

  4. Make famous people friends?

    Desire is a cause of suffering.

    Life means suffering.

  5. do guys get everything waxed around their special spots? i’ve never seen that, but i’d be interested in photos.

  6. I plan on going to the beach at least once every 2 weeks. So far I’ve gone two weekends in a row! I’ve spent too much of my life not going to beach, even though it is relatively close!

  7. Hmmm, I plan on attempting Napoleon’s 20 mile challenge on 3 Beach Cruisers, with 3 40’s of King Kobra, and 3 willing Cochinas! Who else wants to Ride?

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  9. Maybe she’s a hip hop dancer? She said she’s going to *meet the JabbawockeeZ* Maybe she’s famous now and she can just make friends with herself this summer.

  10. Kevin said: “Sounds like that girl’s a slut to me.”

    Uh oh, somebody was never invited to play spin the bottle growing up…

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