We just had a quake that was shaking pretty hard. The epicenter was down south of Chino Hills and Diamond Bar.

USGS information about the quake.

Google Map of the epicenter.

Comparison: Northridge 6.7. Whittier Narrows 5.8.

18 thoughts on “Shakin’

  1. It was shaking in Diamond Bar alright. That was quite the wake up call. Hope everyone is okay :]

  2. The news just said there was a ruptured pipe in City Terrace. If you look on the satellite map, it seems like the hills around East LA are connected to the Chino Hills.

  3. No, it wasn’t an earthquake, it was construction. That’s what METRO says and they don’t lie or anything…lol…

  4. A water main broke on Eastern and City Terrace drive. I went down to check it out, nothing interesting just a bunch of cops attempting to divert drivers and neighborhood folk.

  5. I was watching a “Breaking News” interview with Dr. Kate Hutton (sorry if misspelled). Yes, this could be pre-quakes and we will be getting a larger one soon. Or it could be a normal quake and we will get after shocks. Yes the aftershocks will be smaller, but they may be just as big. Yes it will relieve the stress on some of the fault lines but will add stress to others. Nice and reassuring.

  6. My parents reported a crack in our kitchen wall. Their home is in Hacienda Heights, just east of Chino Hills. I didn’t feel anything out here in Chicgao, but did find out about it pretty soon after due to the BruinAlert text message system from UCLA.

    Hope everyone is safe.

  7. It might be too much to tell, but this is my second relatively large earthquake enjoyed while riding the porcelain throne. (First one was in 1990, while living on Garfield in Santa Ana.)

    This time I had to go out in the hallway to tell the residents of our not-quite-SRO that screaming bloody murder would not appease the Temblor Gods. (Browne can attest to their being more noise in the hallway than any shaking directly caused.) I returned to my reading station immediately thereafter.

    Should this happen a third time, I will be sure to ring up olde El Chavo to tell him what he missed and to get the hell up, fer crissakes, it’s friggin’ after noon!

  8. My god BT you are such a pig, no one wants to read your toilet humor. This is a serious matter we could have all died or at the very least fallen and gotten kind of hurt.


  9. I was at work when it happened. Everyone looked at me as if I was insane in the membrane because I ran out the freaking door as soon as I felt it. Plus I got motion sickness from the jolt or maybe I was just scared. Quakes and electricity freak me the f out.

  10. OMG OMG Earthquake coverage on local TV – “Where where you?” “Can you describe the motion – more of a rocking or rumbling?” “Is there any damage”

    I blame that Blond Robot Kent Shockneck for single-handedly knocking down the cell phone services in L.A. It seems CBS Channel 2 was on the air first, and this genius is telling his panicked viewers to “get on the phone and call your loved ones.” What the hell was that?

    Oh, and then if people aren’t scared enough, he says: “This might be a fore-shock for a much LARGER earthquake.”

    Jeez, Kent! Wait to get the ratings up. Reminds me of StormWatch – when it rains here in L.A. and they have like 16 reporters doing LIVE reports from the desert to the sea…

  11. I live in CT up the hill from that intersection. We have water but the main was bypassed and coming from one of the fire hydrants. I was at my local Kmart when it hit. What a feeling when you’re sitting down eating some pizza and then suddenly everything starts to shake and the support columns throughout the store starts coming towards you and then goes back!

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