Regulate the Rich. Make them play nice.

  • Exxon Mobil makes $76,000 per minute.
  • Exxon Mobil paid on $5 bililion dollars in income taxes last year to the US government.
  • Exxon Mobil paid $25 billion dollars to foreign governments.
  • Exxon Mobil made $400 billion dollars last year.

Also take a look at this yesterdays FT(7/29) article pg 18 “Shells sets pace as big oil lifts R&D spend” in the Financial Times by Ed Crooks to see how they are apparently price fixing, which I deduced sense the oil companies are spending far less than they should on R&D. And the article pg 2 “US Treasury blames supply and demand for oil prices” by James Politi that shows how they even have the US Treasury Department in on this deadly game.

Facts from Conde Nast Portfolio, Crude Reporting by Howell Raines 08/08

Hey they pay less of a percentage of their income on taxes than I do? I’m a human being that works.

Exxon Mobile Oil formerly Standard Oil was started by the John Rockefeller and his descendants still sit on the board (puts it all in an interesting historical perspective).

Now Rockefellers is synonymous with arts and NY and some odd looking guy running for various offices and another one who was VP, but that was just a great PR campaign. Pretty easy for them, since they own pretty much own either indirectly or directly everything we read.

(The Rockefellers bought the Encyclopedia Britannica in the early 30s, “through” a gift to the University of Chicago which Rockefeller founded—the encyclopedia was like the internet–, so you know who knows what is true and what’s not, also the family has great influence over Time Inc which headquarters are within the family’s real estate holdings in NY, pretty much every freaking thing you read…so the media has always been a circle jerk it’s not just a blog thing.)

Rockefeller has nothing to do with philanthropic causes. The family just doles out some cash so people won’t say bad things about them. Sort of like how today people want you to be nice so they give you little titles and neighborhood councils. How can you say something bad about a guy once he’s given you a slice of pie. Of course he killed your mom and served her to you, but hey it’s some good pie.

The Rockefellers were and are some greedy bastards (yeah sometimes they pretend like they feel bad, but they keep taking the money) and they are intermarried with the Morgans, just to put a period on that. Wouldn’t want you to think I’m exaggerating with the whole super rich thing.

Now the US economy is hurting. And while we are all fighting for crumbs. There are people who have four course meals every single night and then they throw it out because they can.

As a person who doesn’t own a car, I don’t see car drivers as the enemy. I get why some people drive their cars. I would like to give them other options, but I get it.

They (US Transportation) want to raid public transit to pay for highways.

I’m not one to fight for crumbs though, sure I will poke a little fun online, but I like keep an eye on the bigger picture.

The highways aren’t car drivers they are contracts for rich people’s friends.

METRO aren’t bus riders, but again contracts for rich people’s friends.

We as people need to stop this us against vs. them amongst people who are all collecting a paycheck. Lots of people are hurting right now. Most Americans don’t have friends with trust funds.

Who cares about health care? Many Americans can’t even afford an address that their health insurance papers would be sent to.

Cyclists against bus riders, mom with an old beat up Toyota against guy on a train. This is silly. We need to join together and focus our energies on Exxon Mobil.

They’ve got a HUGE plate of cash. HUGE and how many people are on the board at Exxon-Mobile? According to the website 11, I think we can take them.

The youngest board member is 55

And they have one thing, money. That’s all.

We have no money, but we have more people.

Even the people who think they are rich and have Platinum American Express cards are about to have no money.

If you think about it what’s 20k, 40k, or even 80k compared to millions, nothing. We have nothing to lose by focusing our efforts on trying to take their huge wad of cash away from the people who literally have it all. And it’s pretty easy to trace.

There are millions of us and maybe at the most a few hundreds of them.

They want us to fight over transportation, jobs, space, rights and everything else they can come up with to hide the fact it is THEM. The several families that have owned and still own EVERYTHING in the US.
They want us to fight it out in the streets, so they can continue to make lots and and lots of money.

“The way to make money is to buy
when blood is running in the streets.”

John D. Rockefeller

You read the LA Times and they are trying to tell us how we should think not having money is fun. It’s a new hot thing, but yet they continue to tell us to buy stuff, just BUY the cheap stuff.

Are they high? Better question, are we high?

It’s nothing fashionable about being too broke to buy food and that’s what it’s coming down to for people with kids and mortgages, not clothes or dining out, but food.

The rich need to share. They need to not give us money, but give us our share back. Give us back what we all worked for. What we all built. This economy is in a freefall. That could change pretty easily if people like the Morgans and the Rockefellers of the world paid their fair share, just like you and I and all of our parents do.

Yes the earthquake was “really, really scary” but the destruction of our country owing to greed (from same ten or twelve families) is much, much worse.

“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” John D Rockefeller

Screw the apologies. Make these rich assholes pay taxes just like the rest of us.

by Browne Molyeux

Pictures of Americans that worked courtesy of Girlistic.

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  1. Now you guys are on the list, so you really have nothing to do lose.

    Meet me at Union station at 9am with your pitch forks. We’re going to Irving, Texas and provided the fake passports that I provide you with work (since after that I am going to guess we’re going to be on the no-fly list) we’re going to Hertforshire in the UK to talk to Tesco about this Fresh & Easy nastiness.

    Please remember to pack a toothbrush, because I only have one extra toothbrush and I don’t know if we’ll be able to find on in the UK…lol…

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